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Best Interior Designers San Francisco

Best Interior Designers San Francisco

Top San Francisco interior designers niche

As an interior design firm that has been operating across San Francisco for over five years, we’re constantly looking for inspiration for the spirit of the city. And while it’s no secret that San Francisco offers beautiful homes and living space, we know that finding the best Bay Area interior designers near you for your budget can still be a challenge. To help you find the best talent for your interior design project, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 interior designers currently working in San Francisco.

Grant K. Gibson

Top San Francisco Interior Designers Grant Gibson

Grant K. Gibson, originally a New York-based firm, eventually moved his interior design firm to San Francisco and continues to work on projects across the country. Gibson and his team of interior designers have an eye for comfortable and colorful interior designs that harmonize traditional and modern motifs.

The company’s designs and interior designers have been featured in Architectural Digest, Vogue, Elle Decor, The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Magazine, California Home and Design, House Beautiful, House and Garden, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Best Interior Designer San Francisco Decor Aid

Décor Aid’s inspiring renovation and interior design projects have been featured in ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, New York, and more as we have forever changed the way we approach interior design for the better by making luxury design effortless and accessible.

Starting with a free personal consultation at your home, your designer will help define your needs and provide guidance on how to move forward with a detailed quote with no minimum order requirement. Our world-class team of interior designers has been selected from among the most prestigious firms in the country and brings an unprecedented level of expertise and personalization to every project.

Customers get full access to Décor Aid’s exclusive retail discounts, which are up to 50% off the retail price. These cost savings often exceed our design fees.

Niche interiors

Top San Francisco interior designer

This award-winning interior design firm focuses on sustainable, functional and bold design, combining the best of decor and technology for homes with modern, luxurious charm. The portfolio is down to earth and family friendly and offers their visionary interior designers insights to create rich visual inspiration if you want to upgrade your own space.

LMB Interiors

lmb interior designer san francisco

LMB specializes in refined, high-quality and timeless interior design and offers visionary interior designers who work in the individual architecture and lifestyle of each customer with unexpected results that are often courageous and meaningful.

Riguerra design

Top San Francisco Colon Renovation Experts

The timeless and measured interior design by Liza Riguerra combines beauty and function for homes that evoke a classic American spirit. And with a plethora of modern and historical structures in this sprawling city, it’s important to hire Bay Area interior designers who know the city and can incorporate their attitude into their designs.

However, in a city this size, you should be able to find brilliant interior designers who know exactly how to work within your budget while also giving your home a major makeover.

Studio SHK

San Francisco interior designer and home renovation expert

With a customer and site-specific approach, the interior design studio SHK in the Bay Area delivers a creative and thoroughly modern decor with a commitment to functional and artistic design with responsibility for the environment.

If you want to keep your home green, modern interior designers should be able to meet your efficiency needs without compromising on style.

Julie Rootes

Top San Francisco interior designer Julie Rootes

Julie Rootes is from Texas and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She creates interior designs that combine traditional and modern Californian elements from the south. From small room refreshments to gut renovations, the company’s interior designers have designed beautiful interiors across the San Francisco Bay Area, including Napa Valley and San Francisco.

Her designs have been featured in Traditional Home, Rue Magazine, California Home and Design, Curbed, and Refinery 29. Since every space is as unique as its residents, a brilliant interior designer in San Francisco should be able to create an environment with a brilliant mix of elements touching a myriad of era and design movements.

Niche interiors

Top San Francisco interior designers niche

Niche Interiors has been making custom designs for luxury homes since 2007. The company is well known for incorporating sustainable and energy efficient features into its redesigns and proudly donates to nonprofits such as Leap Arts in Education and Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo.

In a search for a balance between comfortable and modern, the company has designed homes from Marin to Pacific Heights. The interior renovations were featured on Rue, Luxe, Forbes, the Traveler from San Francisco, the Traveler from Conde Nast, Lonny, HGTV, Cottages & Bungalows and California Home & Design as interior designers. If you want to upgrade your home, the best San Francisco interior designers should know the right methods for updating any space with environmentally friendly methods.

Studio Munroe

Top San Francisco interior designers at Studio Munroe

Emily Munroe’s designs are inspired by the warmth of Californian design and combine modern luxury with a chic sensibility on the west coast. Her company of the same name has designed both commercial and residential space, from wine country to downtown San Francisco. And is widely recognized as one of the best interior designers in the Bay Area.

These top San Francisco interior design firms have been featured in HGTV, Rue, Lonny, Home Therapy, Redbook, San Francisco, SF Cottages & Gardens, Luxe Interiors + Design, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Curbed, Sunset, California Home + Design, and much more. When creating spaces that double as business cards, it’s no surprise that Studio Monroe continues to top the list of top interior designers in San Francisco.

Ann Lowengart

Top San Francisco interior designer Ann Lowengart

Ann Lowengart is located north of San Francisco in idyllic Marin County and has been offering sophisticated designs for discerning customers for almost two decades. Lowengart continues to create stunning and engaging interior designs, from crisp, colorful interiors to bold uses of color.

Lowengart’s interiors were featured in the Modern Luxury Interiors, Curbed, Luxe, Rue Daily, Huffington Post, California Homes, Architectural Digest, City and Country, Lonny, HGTV and Houzz sections. A quick look through her stunning portfolio shows her authority over the craft of creating beautiful environments as the top interior designers in San Francisco and cementing her position as the best interior designers in San Francisco.

Martha Angus

Top San Francisco interior designer Martha Angus

With a keen sense of color and texture, Martha Angus has been designing beautiful interiors for over twenty years and has been considered one of the best interior designers in the region from the start . With private clients like Ralph Lauren and commercial designs for Saks Fifth Avenue, Angus is one of the most renowned and sought-after interior designers in the city of San Francisco.

Her designs have been featured in San Francisco Cottages and Gardens, California Home and Design, the Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and California Homes. As other interior designers, we admire their controlled manipulation of various elements brought together with just the right attitude – making Angus one of the best luxury interior designers in San Francisco.


Top San Francisco Interior Designers Odada

Tanked one of the best interior designers from the start, ODADA Designs has been making bespoke luxury interiors since Orlando Diaz-Azcuy opened his company in 1987. From modern SOMA residences to luxury wineries, ODADA has the breadth of expertise and long lifespan that few design firms in San Francisco can match.

Her redesigns have been featured in San Francisco Cottages & Gardens, Robb Report, Veranda, Objekt, New York Cottages & Gardens, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, and Architectural Digest. As top-notch interior designers in San Francisco, their appeal lies in the clean, yet fluid, simplicity of the spaces that they have elevated as luxury interior designers in San Francisco.


Top San Francisco interior designers jute

Ali Davin, the company’s boss, is a 15-year veteran of the interior design industry. The focus is on natural materials and contemporary design contours. From ranches in Healdsburg to studios on Union Street to family homes in Marin, their designs reflect a myriad of styles and locations, making them one of the best interior designers to consider.

Jute’s designs have been featured in Elle Decor, C Magazine, Luxe, San Francisco Cottages and Gardens, California Home and Design, Traditional Home and Beautiful Home, Rue Magazine, Architectural Digest and Lonny. Big on the design scene, sourcing an i San Francisco interior designers, using similar techniques to bring elements of the outdoors into your home, are sure to create a cozy feel of casual elegance while providing an alternative, affordable interior design for San Francisco.

Geremia interior designer

Top San Francisco Interior Designers Geremia

With a design process that emphasizes the cohesion of art curation and interior design, interior design office Geremia has designed a variety of luxury interiors. The Geremia Principle, Lauren Geremia, was listed on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list and added to Architectural Digest’s “One’s to Watch” list.

The company’s designs have been featured in the New York Times, Sunset Magazine, GQ, Interior Design Magazine, Business Insider, California Home & Design, Modern Luxury, One Kings Lane, Vogue, Design Milk, featured in Architectural Digest, Huffington Post, and Apartment Therapy. Elle Decor, Forbes, Bloomberg, and Lonny. If you’re thinking about upgrading your home, look for a San Francisco interior designer who takes a similar approach to carefully placing art throughout your home. Also, remember that if you are looking for affordable interior design in San Francisco, you often get what you pay for, and that any home upgrade should be viewed as an investment worth saving for.

Martin Group

Top San Francisco Interior Designers Martin Group

With over twenty years of experience, the Martin Group is one of the most renowned interior design services in San Francisco. As a full-service company specializing in high-quality interiors, the Martin Group creates ultra-modern and completely original design schemes. Beth Martin, the director of Martin Group, was featured on Elle Decor’s A-List Interior Designs list, and the company’s designs have featured in Elle Decor, 3D Magazine, San Francisco Cottages and Gardens, Happens Cottages and Gardens, and Instyle listed.

What we most admire about the Martin Group is their skilled hand at creating unique spaces that evoke a fun spirit and make them the ultimate San Francisco interior designers.

From the best of the best to aspiring San Francisco interior designers, the ultimate key to finally feeling at home is finding an interior designer who can create spaces that suit your needs and lifestyle. Often times you will find that the best interior designers understand the complex needs of today’s lifestyle and focus their designs on both function and beauty.