Tuesday , 13 September 2022
Make Your Ceilings Look Higher

Make Your Ceilings Look Higher

Living room makeover Greenwich

High ceilings are undoubtedly an attractive feature in your home. High ceilings not only appeal to the eye, they also give us a greater sense of freedom in our own four walls. However, most of us cannot choose the loft space of our dreams. If you want to make your ceilings appear a little higher, follow our guide to give your walls the lift they need.

Lighter colors

lighter colors higher ceilings New York apartment

If you think your space is a little tight, consider changing your color scheme. Dark colors – especially taupes and beiges – can make a room feel claustrophobic. Consider a lighter color – like ivory, light gray, or semi-gloss white – to give your space a more airy, higher feel. Check out the difference a new paint job made in this Manhattan apartment that we remodeled.

Hang them up

two-tone curtains higher ceilings

It’s not just a step to make your ceilings appear taller than they actually are. It is a combination of optical tricks that creates the illusion of height. And curtains are a huge step in making that happen. Buy curtains that are a little longer than your windows require and then hang them a few inches above your window. See how the effect works in this Upper East Side apartment that we remodeled.

Tear down some walls

Tearing down walls of higher ceilings

If you’re not literally lifting the roof, tearing down additional walls is the most effective remodeling method to make your ceiling appear higher. This isn’t exactly a weekend DIY project, but it will make your space look more expansive. In this South Orange, New Jersey home, we tore down a few walls around the kitchen to create a spacious, higher vibe.

Hang your chandelier a little higher

taller hanging chandeliers high ceilings

Chandeliers are a great way to tie a room together. However, if you hang too low, a chandelier can add a cramped, claustrophobic feel to your room. If you have an existing chandelier or are planning to install one, hang your chandelier a few inches higher than usual. Like your curtains, a taller chandelier naturally draws the eye upward. Check out the high hanging chandelier we installed on this Greenwich estate.

Lower furniture

low furniture high ceilings

One of the easiest ways to make your ceilings appear higher is to get flat furniture. Check out how the low cognac leather couch in this New Canaan makeover makes the room look higher and airier.

Bigger windows

higher windows higher ceilings

Another remodeling project that can dramatically change your perceived ceiling height is window renovation. Go for the highest possible window. They bring in more light and emphasize your ceiling height. In this Battery Park City house, floor-to-ceiling windows appear to float above the clouds.

Exposed rays

exposed wood beam high ceilings

Of course, adding a little ornament to your ceiling draws the eye upward. And there’s no better way to do it than exposing the existing architecture in your space. If you happen to have some architectural elements – like wooden beams – consider releasing them for a dramatic reinforcement effect. See how the exposed beams of this Connecticut property make the ceilings look heavenly.