Flatware Decor

Flatware Decor

Shield silver cutlery

Some home decor decisions are a breeze. This shaggy carpet? Done. A new window treatment? Piece of decorating cake. Even the input table you choose can be an afterthought (in some cases). However, think twice before deciding on the correct table setting for your domain. Since cutlery is an essential part of a functional home, you should keep in mind that hand-held selection of cutlery can result in lifelong disenchanting handles. And since spoons tend to go the way of individual socks (like going into the abyss), it could be time for a new set.

Cutipol Rondo Gold cutlery

minimal modern gold cutlery

If you haven’t heard, 24KT gold speaks for itself. This minimal design lets the material speak with overly rounded bowls and ripped handles suitable for royalty, because shouldn’t your home be your palace?

Lambert Daily cover

Retro cutlery with bakelite handle

Pinti Sushi Queen Birch Set

Asian-inspired birch cutlery

Carrs Sheffield 1912 Titanic Setting Rumbled Silverplate

Schild silver cutlery set

Almoco Onyx black cutlery

Onyx black cutlery set

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