Wednesday , 6 December 2023
Bachelor Pad Featured Apartment Therapy

Bachelor Pad Featured Apartment Therapy

Bachelor Pad Gallery Wall

A pre-war 2 bedroom bachelorette party on a quiet tree-lined street in the West Village is updating after the divorce for a forty year old client. The project was featured recently in Apartment Therapy.

Bachelor Pad Gallery Wall

In order to maximize a modest budget of $ 15,000, we used most of the furniture and artwork for other purposes and bought vintage found objects. We bought new lighting, accessories and focused on small details with maximum impact, accent walls, new finishes and accessories. Along with strategically purchasing a few new pieces, accessories, and moving artwork, we were able to create a new flow through the rooms that made a dramatic difference.

Bachelor Pad Living Room

The master bedroom is the most intimate space a couple shares, but replacing the bed wasn’t an option. Dark gray, grass textured wallpaper was placed on one wall to create a distinctive visual effect and masculinize the space.

Bachelor Pad Dining Room

Glass pendant lights on both sides of the bed replaced an old desk lamp, which immediately changed the ambience. Gray bedding was paired with orange accents that took up the brown and copper and fur pillows already in the room, and a throw softened the look by adding texture.

Bachelor pad bedroom

A female sideboard and lamps have been replaced by a sideboard that used to stand in front of the kitchen. We reworked it, added a stool for extra seating and a modern tripod floor lamp, and moved the artwork.

Bachelor Pad Vanity

Since the budget did not allow buying a new dining table, we reworked the original and brought it to the place where there was once a console. We refurbished the kitchen furniture and changed the pulling devices and it felt like a new kitchen.

Bachelor Pad spiral staircase

The upstairs bedroom opened onto a lovely roof terrace, but the blinds were always drawn and an old lumpy sofa wasn’t very inviting, so the room turned into a dark closet.

Bachelor Pad Home Office

We’ve replaced the sofa with a sleeper sofa, updated the lighting, swapped the mirror for a bright piece of art, and added orange and white fur pillows for cheerful warmth. The space that stripped the bamboo blinds windows became more of a haven than a neglected locker.

Bachelor Pad Guest Room

Bachelor pad fireplace Bachelor pad coat