Wednesday , 11 January 2023
Industrial Loft Transformation

Industrial Loft Transformation

Industrial loft

Industrial loft

Industrial loft media corner

After purchasing and remodeling an industrial loft, the homeowner turned to Decor Aid to furnish the space and bring everything together for the family.

industrial loft cocktail corner

Industrial loft dining table

An open floor plan and plenty of natural light set the tone for the design concept that a newborn had to accommodate, and the client’s desire to fit out the space with industrially inspired furniture that was also flexible for entertainment.

industrial loft kitchen

open floor plan of the industrial loft

Decor Aid took up the original idea of ​​a pure white color concept and suggested high-contrast, structured neutrals that were inspired by the whitewashed bricks.

Industrial loft living room

overhanging lights of the industrial loft

In addition to the main colors, muted taupes, and dull grays, they included a variety of materials such as cowhide, suede, cotton linen, fur, and matte metal.

industrial loft cocktail chair

Industrial loft live edge wooden table

The biggest statement is the lighting installation, which contains a number of FLOS light chains that are suspended at different heights.

industrial loft dining console

Industrial loft foyer

Next to the kitchen is a dining table with a wooden top supported by a matt metal base.

Industrial loft roof window

industrial loft bathroom