Curate Art For Home

Curate Art For Home

Main art theme

Art is an integral part of any home. Whether you prefer abstract, figurative, or photographic pieces, art reflects your home and your personality. However, buying art can be daunting. So don’t inspire. Our skilled designers have these tips for choosing home art.

Choose pieces that suit your style

Home art abstract

The first step in choosing wall art is to determine the overall style of home decor that you want to achieve. For an ultra-modern, modern home, we recommend abstract pieces. In this Four Season’s luxury apartment, we selected a collection of colorful, abstract pieces that blend seamlessly with the ultra-modern design.

Mix and Match Art (economical)

Home Art Mix and Match

Your wall art doesn’t have to go perfectly with your home decor. If you have a more traditional living environment, you should confuse it with something modern. But do it sparingly. While mixing and matching styles, choose subtle works of art like we did in this transitional apartment on the Upper East Side.

Make a statement (without being overwhelming)

Home art statement pieces

We love the painting in the entrance to this mid-century house. Why? Because it makes a bold statement and at the same time perfectly complements the rest of the room. All of the colors of the painting can be found on the carpet as well, and the frame is an ode to the Art Deco and mid-century elements that can be seen throughout the house.

Free colors

Main art color

When looking for ways to incorporate art into your home, consider the range of colors you already have Select the appropriate parts. And vice versa, if you’re looking for colors to inspire your home design, you should take inspiration from your artwork. That’s exactly what we did in this colorful family room on the Upper West Side.


Home Art Photography

If you’re not designing on a huge budget, but still want to incorporate some original artwork, consider adding photos to your home. Photo prints are usually cheaper than original paintings and can be just as meaningful. To complement this masculine and somber master bedroom, we’ve captured a dramatic black and white photo of a horse.


Main art theme

One of the easiest ways to effectively incorporate artwork into your home is to choose a theme that matches your existing furniture. Our customers for this apartment on the Upper East Side wanted an urban beach oasis. So we picked this gray Malin print that shows beach goers slowly wading into the water.

Gallery wall

home art gallery wall

And if you can’t do a piece, then don’t. A well-curated gallery wall can look just as elegant and exciting as a floor-to-ceiling splatter painting. Make sure your frames are all the same color and style and hang the largest pieces in the center first. Then work your way out like we did in this West Village duplex.