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Why You Should Paint Dark Accent Walls

Why You Should Paint Dark Accent Walls

dark basement color palette

Since we’ve seen a sharp increase in our interior designers suggesting dark accent walls from project to project, we’ve considered the best ways to get bold if you’re looking for a quick room to pick me up, to explore your home.

From boring rooms with no architectural features to where to indulge in dark accent walls, we’ve got all your questions answered so you can add some drama to any room and avoid costly design mistakes.

Should accent walls be lighter or darker?

dark green kitchen trends

In high-traffic public areas like kitchens, dark accent walls offer ingenious options as they are easier to keep clean and require less effort all round. Notice how the bottle green walls add inspired kitchen polish and a welcoming old world spirit to this farmhouse, while also making the room look bigger and brighter by painting the walls around the windows to bring out the natural light of the room.

Will walls with dark accents make a room look bigger or smaller?

dramatic accent wall trends

As the above room shows, all white walls can make a room appear dull and dull if you are shy about constant daylight, as light colors can never brighten dark rooms. Instead, use dark accent walls to make a room feel contracted and cozy, rather than cold and boring. Remember to include mirrors and reflective surfaces to bounce the light from corner to corner.

Which wall should you use for an accent wall?

dark green accent walls

A smart rule of thumb for dark accent walls is to create a striking contrast between the wall you see the first time you step on it and the other surfaces as this is the best wall that can be covered. It could be a wall that has distinctive architectural features, or it could be as simple as the anchor wall behind a bed or fireplace. Whichever wall you choose, make sure it doesn’t get lost in the mix as this is an interior design trend that is all about impact.

What should you do about cut colors?

Accent wall color trends

Don’t underestimate the alluring strength of dark accent walls if you want to experiment with edgier interior design moves that you can easily incorporate into your home. For decorations and decorative details, we recommend working classically with light shades to break up the sometimes heavy appearance of a dark wall and at the same time emphasize the rich tone.

How do you avoid a masculine, heavy look?

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By combining walls with dark accents made of natural wood with even more atmospheric materials, this master suite plays serious design risks against calming neutrals in order to achieve exactly the right balance. To get similar results and avoid recreating a boy’s club in your home, consider mixes that add a gender-neutral vibe to a room, as you want to keep a comfortable mind rather than a stuffy and toned mind.

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