Interior Design Styleeclectic Style

Interior Design Styleeclectic Style

eclectic interior

If you’re interested in a rich, layered interior design that highlights a number of eras and movements, eclectic style interior design may be just the right direction for your home. But why eclectic style?

The eclectic style is all about harmony and the coming together of different styles, the juxtaposition of textures and contrasting colors to create a cohesive, beautifully realized space that wouldn’t be out of place in a home decor magazine as this is a design style, the swing takes and a great eye. And since the versatile interior is all about experimentation and play, you’ll have fun with the freedom it offers.

But if the thought of putting a brilliant mix of eclectic-style furniture together with a confident hand seems daunting, we’ve put together a handy guide of advice from interior designers at Décor Aid to help you create your own eclectic space with authority .

Choose a core palette

eclectic style interior design colors

Choosing a range of core colors to compliment your eclectic design is a great place to start, while also serving as a guide to help you create a cohesive look. It will also help pull elements of eclectic design together so that balance can be restored. We recommend that you choose a neutral shade and an accent color first. Using calming neutrality throughout can overlay a smart base color and keep the room from feeling too presumptuous.

This neutrality works wonders alongside the accent color you choose, especially when applied to different aspects of a room to create a harmonious space instead of a mismatched and irregular space. Over time, add and expand your core eclectic palette, starting with two classic tones for a studied, yet nuanced take on eclectic home decor.

Simple wall coverings

eclectic style design guide

When planning your path to perfecting the eclectic style, it is best to keep your walls simple and straightforward. Elaborate wallpaper can make it difficult to bring in other patterned elements without looking clumsy. Simply painted walls create a solid foundation for creating an eclectic decor and adding interest elsewhere. Adding vibrant accessories to a simple background is far easier than adding simple accessories to a busy background. You will have a lot more alternatives.

In addition, painted walls require less work than applying vibrant wallcovering. However, this doesn’t mean you only have one option – white – dark and light colors work equally well. Dark colors add warmth and depth, while light colors make any room appear larger and brighter to better highlight the eclectic bohemian decor.

Have fun with pattern plays

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This is where personality comes in and you will be bolder when creating eclectic interior design as you can play with expressive patterns and combine styles to see what goes together and what doesn’t.

Keep using similar tones and colors in your eclectic decorating scheme, keeping your two core tones in mind. However, interrupt the space with unexpected combinations of patterns that don’t necessarily go together. Combine elements that usually face each other and be bold. Don’t be afraid to clash patterns and colors as they will help you create a unique feel.

Toys with textures

eclectic style decoration ideas

Same goes for texture – have fun with texture games and bring in different textures to make your eclectic home decor sing. Contrast textures with each other to create a memorable, versatile feel in your home. You want your space to be visually enough to keep the eye interested. A smart way to do this without being open is to introduce different textures in small doses all over the room.

Place smooth textures next to rough, nubby (think marble surfaces against wood grain), and the soft with the hard (luxurious couches and throw pillows next to an industrial coffee table per se).

Gallery wall

eclectic style gallery wall decor ideas

There is no more perfect space for a gallery wall than an eclectic living room. The MX and Match frame combination goes perfectly with the spirit and you will have a blast creating a gallery wall while playing with color, dimension and style to create the perfect, personalized, eclectic, bohemian living room. A gallery also looks good on simple walls as you can bring in a lot of personality and interest here.

With a gallery wall you can also set distinctive focal points. If you can focus and focus on something in a room with a seditious mix, the eye can move. This is great for that heavy feeling an eclectic style room can create. Choose different frame styles to complement the artwork you put in them. And for budget-conscious customers, sourcing frames from thrift stores and customizing them in similar hues is a great idea to create bohemian decor on a budget.

Different styles of furniture

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Mixing and combining different furniture design styles is another fun and clever way to master the beautifully realized eclectic living room decor, eclectic bedroom decor, and eclectic house decor in general, as there is no space that a joyful selection of goods will not highlight. Essentially, this eclectic decor is about mixing old, new, modern and classic.

Think wing chairs next to a state-of-the-art coffee table or an Art Deco mirror over a Victorian mantelpiece. Take advantage of the features you already have in your home and contrast them with new parts to get the most out of what you already have.

Instruction objects

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Whatever your statement object is, and however it makes that statement, it must be in bold. That being said, you don’t want too many statements in one room. Depending on the size of your room, a statement piece or two (if it’s a large room) is more than enough to get people talking.

If you have too many brave conversation starters, they will eventually compete with each other, with both losing after overwhelming the viewer and discarding the eclectic edge that you were aiming for.

Don’t let it get messy

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Be careful as it can be easy to let eclectic design flow into a messy, crowded, and crowded room. Everything has to have a place in the room and every piece should have a point. Let items and accessories speak for themselves without polluting your space and surfaces, and make sure that important items are not lost in the area.

If you’re not sure if there’s too much in a room, take a step back and look at it from a different perspective or snap a photo to see it in detail.

There are no strict rules – have fun

eclectic style decor advice

The versatile interior design is about showing your personality in a room. Don’t give yourself too many borders for your eclectic style home. Get rid of the tough and tired rules associated with traditional interior design. Let your imagination run wild and have fun experimenting.

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