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Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed

beautiful four-poster bed

Would you like to create a fantasy oasis in your bedroom or child’s room? Think of a romantic yet modern four-poster bed as the ultimate range of stylized options that have a positive impact on the shoe. From increasing privacy to blocking light to warding off pesky insects, there is a lot to consider when considering the joy of the practicality and beauty of a four-poster bed.

Regardless of whether you imagine a jewel-colored bed of opulence straight from the exotic regions of Morocco, you fantasize about the romance of dark wood and organic bed linen or your imagination leads you into a palatial, French-inspired bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows and with these 10 inspiring Four-poster beds that are sure to delight you can let your vision run wild.

Attached frame

hanging contemporary four-poster bed

If you’re thinking of a four-poster bed but don’t want the strict lines of a traditional four-poster bed, consider installing a DIY canopy frame on your ceiling that is about the size of your bed. These are more discreet than a traditional four-poster bed. If you find the imposing lines of the four-poster beds bothersome, this is an easy-to-move alternative.

Again, they are suitable for beds of all sizes. If you want it to fit into the ceiling, choose a light minimal frame so that it goes unnoticed. This modern four poster bed is ideal for adding a luxuriously relaxed feeling to your bedroom without being intrusive. Combine it with white bed linen, light walls and natural materials for a fresh and modern feel.

Fairytale canopy

elegant modern four-poster bed

Fairytale four-poster beds are what you dream of, and whether you have wanted one since childhood or you have a child of your own who is dreaming of one, let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of a four-poster bed. Choose a French-style four-poster bed frame and equip it with luxurious velvet four-poster bed curtains.

A luxury fabric with a delicate but lush pattern is ideal for a luxury four-poster bed like this one; Match the pattern and color with the rest of the room for an elegantly layered bedroom design. Think gleaming chandeliers, white French-style furniture, plush pillows scattered across the bed, and lush bedding paired with soft lighting and soft colors.

Golden opulence

modern golden four-poster bed

Pure opulence; This is what a bed like this creates immediately. A four-poster bed without curtains can still be decadent and inviting while being modern and minimalist at the same time. The gold color of the bed frame adds a touch of luxury to your room, while the open canopy prevents the design from feeling heavy.

Combine these four-poster beds with covered neutrals for a timeless gender-neutral look. Choose gold accessories to tie the space together and a textured rug for a touch of the unexpected. This might just make you feel like you are falling asleep in a 5 star luxury hotel room with a gold open four poster bed.

Petite Suspended Canopy Bed

dainty hanging bed

If a four-poster bed isn’t in your budget, or your room is a little smaller and a full four-poster bed is a bit imposing, a small four-poster bed that hangs from the ceiling can do just the right thing. Use translucent, wafer-thin material to drape it from the canopy over your bed and onto the floor and create a dreamy experience while relaxing in bed.

The great thing about this idea is that it works in any room and for any bed, whether it’s a single bed for kids or a king size bed for adults. This is also perfect as it is an inexpensive and instant way to make any bed royal.

Traditional dark wood

modern wooden roof bed

A classic four-poster bed like this one adds a sense of studied elegance to any bedroom, and there is something about dark woods that gives off a romantic tone. Four-poster beds like this can either be left unchanged or added with some soft drapes.

If you choose curtains, you can indulge in the romantic feel of a wooden bed and opt for highly contrasting white, cream or makeup colored curtains. Make sure your curtains are good quality and spill lots of material on the floor around the bed posts to add to the drama.


modern four-poster bed for children

This cute idea makes the perfect four poster bed for girls and adults alike. It hardly takes up any airspace (if you attach it to the wall behind the bed) which makes it perfect for a small space. This idea is perfect for little girl’s rooms where you don’t want miles of material to fall over the floor.

You can unfold this over the headboard and drape a paper-thin material over the canopy, around the headboard and behind the bed where it is safely stowed. This gesture creates a great effect, but without the expense of large bed frames and a lot of material. It’s great if you are on a budget too.

Gothic wrought iron

iron four-poster bed

Four-poster beds like this are pure drama; go full 16th Century with a Gothic-inspired wrought iron four-poster bed. Combine it with dark, luxurious bed linen for a particularly gothic drama or for something lighter with optically white bed linen.

Go for mood lighting to get the whole look and equip it with an imposing chandelier, deeply tinted rug, and loads of metal objects.

Modern and minimal

minimal modern four poster bed

You don’t need to have an upholstered four-poster bed to feel like you’re in luxury – a simple modern four-poster bed can do just the right thing. An angular, minimalist bed frame in gray goes great with a busy patterned wallpaper or a plain white wall. Go for white bed linen and dress it up with bold and colorful furniture and upholstery or a playful and fun look.

If you’re more of a minimalist, how about white everywhere? White floors, white walls, white bedding, and white furniture. A curved four-poster bed breaks up the space while taking advantage of the simplicity of a minimalist design.

Exotic Moroccan

Canopy bed styles

Deep jewel tones are everything in a Moroccan-inspired space, from a luxurious four-poster bed to carpets and lampshades. The colors are lavish and the inspiration exotic; Think purple, gold, turquoise, deep blue and pink and your room will be full of geometric patterns.

Combine patterns and colors, and don’t apologize for the mismatch and excessive decadence that makes this look like no other. Fringes, tassels, and beads adorn headboards and pillows for added luxury. Our design experts also suggest bringing in vintage and antique finds and curios to really emphasize the look.

Plush and sophisticated

Transitional style silk four-poster bed

Imagine a wooden roof bed awash with lazy four-poster curtains that buzz around the bed posts and drool to a pool on the floor next to the bed. Think of darkness and depth and of luxurious yet calming colors.

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