Thursday , 7 December 2023

Timeless Decor Trends

timeless decor trends white tile backsplash

Like fashion, music and art, interior design also goes through trends. Flip through some old home catalogs and you’re sure to find some crazy plans. But certain principles of interior design – proportions, placement and shape– never expire. And some interior design trends are timeless too. Our skilled designers promise that these home decor trends will never go out of style.


Home decor trends marble

When a material blends seamlessly with any style of home design, it is truly timeless. And that’s why marble never goes out of style. Whether your design is traditional or contemporary, consider marble for a warm yet luxurious finish. This mid-century palace features floor-to-ceiling Carrara marble and solid wood cabinets.

White backsplash tiles

Home decor trends white tile backsplash

White backsplash tiles will never go out of style. And while we love the look of rectangular white tile, a more geometric pattern is timeless too. In this modern Tudor kitchen remodel from New Jersey, we sourced tiles in a diamond pattern for something different from the usual subway tile. However, when sourcing white tiles, be sure to offset them with dark cabinets or dark countertops for a balanced, neutral appearance.

Hardwood floors

Home decor trends wood floors

Few looks are as timeless as wooden floors. As a textured material that lends itself to contemporary design schemes, it is undoubtedly a desirable feature. In this chic loft overlooking Union Square, our client wanted to tear out the existing hardwood floors because of some damaged areas. But we showed him how to use rugs to hide the damaged areas and add to that nifty, rustic look.

A gray couch

Home decor trends gray sofa

Your couch is the heart of your living room. While the rest of your decor can easily be swapped out, your couch should be consistent and therefore timeless. Some say a gray couch can look boring, but we know better. Keep your living room fresh by adding accent pillows and blankets to your gray couch. Swapping out accents is a lot easier and cheaper than replacing your entire couch, and it gives you a fresh, timeless look.

Neutral master bedroom

Home decor trends neutral master bedroom

Your bedroom is a space where you should keep calm. Equip your bedroom with neutral colors that are calming and calming. In short, home decor trends apply to the rest of your home. Check out how we implemented the neutral bedroom look in this hip colonial style in Connecticut.


Home decor trends plants

Show your love for mother nature will never go out of style. Whether it’s a fig leaf fig or succulents, plants always look great in your home. If you don’t have room for your plants on the floor or on your table, consider hanging plants on the wall. Check out the living plant wall in this Central Park West penthouse.

Showing your personality is timeless

Home decor trends personality

Your home is yours alone. Instead of trying to copy a magazine or lookbook, you should have a home that is representative of your personality. Whether with art books, family heirlooms or collections from your travels, showing your personality will never go out of style. And there is no better place to do it than your coffee table. Check out the collection of art books and decorative items in this mid-century house.