Design Productive Office Space

Design Productive Office Space

Office design conference room table

At Decor Aid we are best known for our interior design. But did you know that we also designed a collection of beautiful office space? If you need help, our lead designers have these tips for the perfect office design.

Enjoy your conference room table

Office design

Good interior design requires a careful balance between splurging and saving. While desks, tables, and storage are great places to save on interior decorating your office, your conference table should definitely be pampered. For Blackstone Financial’s main conference room, we selected a living wood table with a bold and natural finish.

Color coordination

Color coordination of the office design

Just because you work doesn’t mean your office space has to be boring or bland. In fact, studies have shown that bright pops of color improve mood and productivity. In order to differentiate between the meeting rooms in this dynamic tech startup, we have color-coordinated each meeting room.


Office design plant life

You keep plants in your house, so why not put a few in your office? Not only do plants look good, they also purify the air, which helps you focus and stay productive. See how we added some low maintenance facilities to the reclaimed wood meeting rooms in the signpost office.

Stay organized

Office design stay organized

You want your office space to look clean, clear, and organized. Prepare your employees for success by giving them organizational desk pieces and sleek office supplies. Check out how we did it for this art startup.

Enjoy the lobby

Office design lobby

Think of your lobby as an introduction to your company. If your business has a mascot, theme, or signature color, all of the ways to incorporate it into your design scheme are here. From the front lobby to the boardroom, we have put dog insignia in the Bulldog Gin offices.

Corporate culture

Office culture corporate culture

Your décor should reflect your industry and company culture. When we were approached by Sweetsounds Studio, we decorated their office with vinyl records, turntables and a graphic Jimi Hendrix poster.

Make yourself at home

Office design comfortable

Your office should be as comfortable and inviting as your home. You don’t have to pick out a couple of bean bags and daybeds, but instead consider comfy couches and carpets for your lobby. Check out the inviting and cozy design we gave this SoHo lobby.

Wall art

Office design wall art

Wall art is a great space saving way to add a bit of character and color to your office design. Our client Artstar connects aspiring artists with eager clients. And so we picked a few pieces of art to hang in their chic boardroom. And you don’t have to be an art startup to outfit your office with killer pieces.

Have fun

Office design fun

Yes, your office is primarily a work area. But it should also be a place where your employees feel comfortable and have a little fun after a long day. Signpost’s office design features a table tennis table in your company colors.