Turkish Rugs

Turkish Rugs

Pattern in Turkish rugs

The Turkish rugs are used because they are of high quality. The higher knots in the mats are made with which flower designs can be made in the mats. It lets the leaves and flower patterns be woven in the complex way and the curves on the mats give elegance and beauty. The geometric shapes in the Turkish rugs are very well known and since the geometric shapes have straight lines and angles you do not need to have the knots per square inch.

Characteristics of Turkish rugs

The higher knotted knots are more expensive than the lower knot and thus the quality is also different. It can be seen that the Turkish rugs compared to other types of carpets are more qualitative and with different patterns. In addition, the Turkish rugs look very nice and you can see a Turkish rug in someone's place and it doesn't let you keep your eyes off. They are traditional but they still provide the elegant look. In addition, they are Turkish rugs with fashion. You will never feel they are outdated.

The Turkish rugs are available in different materials, but the most famous is the one that is manufactured in silk material. The material used in Turkish rugs is natural as the natural silk. Wool silk is used in it. Natural materials are more durable than the artificial ones and thus the Turkish rugs are expensive but they last a long time. In addition, the dyes used in them are natural and thus the color will not fade over time.