Texture Design

Texture Design

Hoboken townhouse living room design ideas

When you’re building your design to-do list, there’s one thing you don’t want to forget. It’s a design secret that can take your space to the next level. “If you want to create a visually interesting space,” say our designers, “don’t forget to think about texture.”

Often times, texture happens naturally in a room. Maybe you combine a deep blue velvet sofa with silk pillows. But if something is wrong with your room, take a second look at the textures in the room. Without a multitude of different textures, the entire room can feel a bit flat. Layering different textures in neutral colors is one of our preferred methods of making rooms look bigger. It’s also a great way to add visual interest if you’re a little color phobic. You can find some of our favorite ways to add a little texture in the gallery (below).

In the picture: The living room in our New Jersey project.

Pom pom throw pillow

Velvet pillows with pompoms

When choosing pillows for a room, pay close attention to texture as well as colors. We love these soft velvet pillows, but you can also look for fluffy sheepskin pillows, textured cotton and silk pillows, or a shimmery smooth silk.

Sisal rug

white sisal rug with fringes

Sheepskin rug

Ikea white sheepskin rug

Glass vase

blue glass bottle vase

Wood side tables

small wooden side tables

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