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Studio Apartment Floor Plans

Studio Apartment Floor Plans

Studio apartment floor plans ideas

One of the challenges people often face when creating floor plans for studio apartments is limited space. Arranging furniture is difficult enough, but imagine all of your belongings in a single room. But just because your space is limited doesn’t mean your design options should be. If you live in a studio apartment and don’t know how to start designing your studio apartment, our interior designers at Décor Aid have highlighted ten ways you can get the most out of your studio apartment floor plans.

Use retention pieces to separate areas

Studio Apartment Floor Plan Guide

One of the most efficient studio apartment floor plan ideas is to use storage pieces and bulky furniture to separate certain areas in your studio. For example, you can put a trunk next to your bed to separate your sleeping area from your living room. A trunk or console is not just a divider, it can also serve as additional storage, further saving your space. And instead of having a couch in your living area, you might be better off using a single comfortable chair instead. This studio apartment floor design is space efficient and a great way to keep your sleeping area hidden when you have guests around.

Create seating areas

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To save space, some people forego the idea of ​​having a sitting area when creating floor plans for studio apartments. There’s nothing wrong with that if you enjoy letting your guests sit on your bed. If not, consider allocating a seating area when planning the design of your studio apartment floor. But you don’t have to invest in bulky living room furniture. A simple love seat, sofa or chaise longue should be enough. Aside from giving your guests a place to sit, this can also help make your space feel bigger than it actually is.

Split your two main parts

Studio Apartment Design Guide

One of the most effective studio apartment floor plans is how to divide up the two main pieces of furniture in your room. For example, you can have the bed and sofa arranged on opposite walls. This studio apartment floor design works well for rooms as small as 300 square feet as it helps define spaces in your small apartment and eliminates the feeling of being in a hotel room where you’re next to on a sofa sitting in a bed.

Invest in clear furniture

Studio apartment floor plans furniture

If you want to make your space appear bigger than it actually is, decorate it with clear acrylic, lucite, and plastic furniture. Other pieces of furniture that work well for small studio apartment floor plans include wicker chairs and coffee tables made from transparent glass or acrylic. According to our interior designers, this furniture can help make your space appear larger as it blends in easily with the surroundings and has no visual weight.

Carve out a sleeping area

Studio apartment floor plan bed ideas

When looking at a floor plan of the studio apartment with dimensions, most ideas involve using an existing piece of furniture to define a studio apartment. For example, you can use a bookcase to create a legitimate bedroom on one side of your apartment wall. You can then arrange a sofa with a console table behind the bookcase. This idea helps to define the transition between bedroom and living space.

Let your sofa float

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For those of 500 square feet and up, one of the most effective studio apartment floor plans is to have your sofa float away from your walls. This can be enough to create the feeling of having a separate living room. Just because your apartment is on the small side doesn’t mean that all of the furniture has to be hanging on the walls. Our interior designers at Décor Aid believe that if you let the sofa float in the middle of the room, your space will appear bigger. Additionally, this studio apartment floor design helps free up much more space for your studio apartment floor.

Use a corner to sleep

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Another effective way to make a smaller room appear larger is to use a corner of your room for sleeping. Choose a corner in your studio apartment and place your bed in it. Then put a bookshelf at the foot of your bed. This is one of those studio apartment floor plan ideas that can help make your apartment appear more spacious. Since you only occupy one corner of the room for your sleeping area, there is more space for a living room and kitchen.

Retreat of the couple

Floor plan ideas for the couple's studio apartment

If you are looking for studio apartment floor plans that are well suited for couples, this layout will create additional storage space along with a spacious double wardrobe. In one corner there is a small table that serves as a dining area, while the dresser doubles as a bedside table. Comfortable chairs are arranged on one side for guests to sit on. Everything in this studio apartment floor is well planned to create more space for two people.

Go for a Murphy bed

modern foldaway bed

The best studio apartment floor plan ideas are those that make efficient use of the small space. To be efficient means to make the most of every corner of a living space. Hence, one of the studio apartment floor plans our designers would suggest is a Murphy convertible bed. When you get a Murphy bed, that leaves more space for a kitchen and living area.

Executive suite layout

Floor plan of the modern studio apartment

The Executive Suite layout is one of the studio apartment floor plans that our interior designers would suggest for those who spend little time in their apartment. This layout has a large console at the entrance that doubles as a desk. The bed is positioned so that it faces inwards, creating symmetry for the room. At the foot of the bed there is a sofa, which also serves as an additional seat for visitors. The minimal amount of furniture used in this studio apartment floor design gives the illusion of a much larger space.

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