Wednesday , 11 January 2023
Tabletop Styling Tips

Tabletop Styling Tips

Styling tips for bathroom tables

Have you ever looked at a room in a shiny interior design and wondered how they made it look both inhabited and perfectly designed, like it didn’t take any time at all? Don’t be surprised anymore with these simple, creative, and easy-to-implement tabletop styling tips that cleverly use what you already own to instantly upgrade and refresh surfaces from room to room throughout your home.

Play with different elements

How to decorate with sculptures

The flawless symmetry from our project above would have looked a bit stark and overly masculine if our designer hadn’t raised the conversation area accent table with a small stack of inspirational photo books and an oversized sculpture for added dimension. Note the crystal clear workmanship of the sculpture, as it neither loads the tabletop nor blocks whoever is sitting behind it.

The arrangement gives the environment additional height and a versatile touch. This makes it the perfect combination for this small table.

Add drama to a home bar

Bar carts decorate inspiration

In order for a bar cart to evoke a nice decor rather than a straightforward libation station, you should offset various key elements with matching parts like the lamps above that give the surface a sleek, sophisticated feel to the surface, even though it’s just a simple bar.

Make use of forgotten spaces

How to decorate your toilet

It is not uncommon or inappropriate for different rooms in your home to have undecorated spaces as this gives the eye a break and keeps your home from looking cluttered or overly styled. That said, there are several spots in every home that most of us don’t use, especially above your toilet.

Decorate it with cosmetic items that you use every day, which are covered and hidden in suitable containers for the sake of uniformity and practicality.

Pop your bookshelves

Bookshelf Styling Decor Hacks

When staging a customer’s cave, our designers made sure to keep decorative items relatively cautious, as the shelf runs along an entire wall from floor to ceiling. When it comes to shelving in a common area like a living room, take the time to find the right add-ons to display as anything you put on it will become a standout piece, especially with white shelving.

Create subtle mixes and levels of interest by exhibiting art, using stacked books as bases for vases and sculptures, and placing precious knickknacks, figurines, and a dash of trinkets that you’ve collected from your travels for a cozy, sentimental, and eclectic statement You conversation starter while talking.

Create a coffee table with visual balance

Styling tricks for the coffee table

It’s still hard to believe that our designers only had 48 hours to decorate this living room from scratch. Since every piece of furniture has a beautiful personality, they used a Lucite coffee table to tie the bold elements of this living room together in decadent harmony, and rounded it off with minimal decorative elements to enhance the personality of the space rather than compete with it.

For a space like this, be minimalist when considering tips for styling tabletops when the furniture is visually heavy, and look for pared-down extras to use as a grouping for an alternative to flowers, making them way too busy would look like.

Kitchen shelves and countertops

Open kitchen shelf decorative styling ideas

Open kitchen shelves can make a room appear larger while your tableware collection is displayed. However, they have their own drawbacks – from catching dust to looking messy.

To avoid a haphazard look, stick to monochromatic or complementary colors for consistency, and try to place as many matching elements and styles as possible for visual consistency. The key to open shelving is to display items that you use and that will be washed frequently to keep everything looking clean. For countertops, too, we recommend sticking to items that you actually use to avoid permanently staging your home.

All pictures via our project portfolio