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Spring Home Decor Trends

Spring Home Decor Trends

Spring home decor trends 2019

With spring around the corner, we’re looking for tried and true spring home decor ideas to help you make room for the season with confidence. It’s time to prep your home for inspiring spring home decor updates that keep Décor Aid interior designers and our clients motivated all year round.

They say that change is as good as a break. So combine your seasonal spring cleaning with stunning decor updates for the ultimate rejuvenation of your home from room to room. And Pring is often about going out with the old and the new. There is no better way to add that feeling to your home than with some of our favorite spring home decor trends for 2019. From the colors and flowers you expect to see fresh textiles and fresh paints, here’s everything you need to know should make your home feel new this season.

Bright, stronger colors

Spring home decor trends

Put some of your dark, wintry colors to rest for now and bring the lighter colors out of hibernation. Spring is all about sunny, vibrant colors – and new growth, birth and the freshness that comes with a new season. Black, deep brown and dark gemstone tones should be replaced with light and light pastels or primary colors.

Keep your spring home decor color palette airy and sunny, with pale and vivid blues, greens, yellows, oranges, and pinks to calm the look – let your home become a beehive of cheerful, explosive colors. And as we said earlier, if the color sounds too strong everywhere, you can still get pops of bold pops of color through bedding and decorative accessories.

Fresh color

Spring home decor trends fresh color

Even if you don’t plan on changing the entire color of a room, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way towards brightening up a room. Stripping your room of dirty stains and dents on the paintwork will do wonders to bring your spring home decor to life and refresh.

The trends in home decor in spring show that using lighter, brighter colors, your home will blend better with the season. So choose a color that is a few shades lighter than usual to give your home a really fresh feel. This means unexpected tonal neutrals and a monochrome effect to better enjoy the brighter rays of a spring sun. And since it’s color, keep in mind that this is one of the most cost-effective ways to effectively update a room. This is a process that you can easily do yourself with a little patience.

Lighter feeling fabrics

Spring home decor trends textiles

No heavy wool pillowcases and throws are required in the warmer months – keep them out of sight for now. Replace your winter furniture with the pretty patterns and pastel colors that are reminiscent of spring home decor and will help your curtains, throws and pillows move from one season to the next.

This is a great trick for updating your room as you move through the seasons. Switch colors and patterns as the seasons change from your trusted range of home interior decorating items. Choose fabrics and patterns that can be used year after year so you don’t have to constantly replace them as trends and as the season changes.

Update lampshades

Spring home decor trends new lampshades

You will be surprised how updating the lampshades in a room can make a big difference in the feeling of space. Certain shapes, sizes, patterns and styles can make a room feel more autumn than spring or summer rather than winter.

Dust off your lighter, brighter lampshades and even turn off your light bulbs against the ones that emit natural light better, more than the soft candle-like glow we love in the colder winter months. Or, you can completely update your lampshades with new silhouettes, scales and finishes. This is a simple but hugely effective trend for spring home decor. This is an easy way to instantly update a room without spending a fortune.

Fresh flowers

Spring home decor trends fresh flowers

No house is complete without freshly cut flowers in spring, which are regularly distributed around a house. We can’t say that this is one of the top decorating trends of Spring 2019 because this has been something households have been dealing with since the beginning of time, but doesn’t that just prove it’s a wonderful thing?

Fill your home with vases full of energizing spring flowers, from daffodils and tulips to peonies and freesias. If you don’t have the luxury of updating your home decor while the next season is rolling around, adding in-season flowers to your home will bring out the seasonal spirit that is affordable at this price point.

Natural materials

Spring home decor trends natural materials

As the nature around us grows back and is brought back to life, seize the moment by using lots of natural materials for your spring home decor updates. Think of rattan, wicker and sugar cane along with natural organic fibers and textiles that will be the stars of the season and embody a new life for spring decorating your home.

These light wood tones are subtle and pleasing to the eye, adding a sense of agile elegance to your spring designs with subtle updates. And the soothing natural hues and light construction of the season go perfectly with minimal decor and a more eclectic and bohemian vibe.

Wanderlust prints

Spring decor printing trends

Distant ethnic and tribal-inspired prints and patterns are instantly reminiscent of the best home decor trends for spring 2019 as they bring an undeniably upbeat sense of cool wanderlust vibes. There is nothing more vibrant and colorful than an original native print and the great thing about them is that you can style them however you want. From small, symmetrical ethnic prints to large, bold and impactful patterns, if the brightness of spring home decor trends is for you, choose between light, color or even darker colors.

The great thing about a well-traveled wanderlust mind is that it can give you the look of summer travel abroad whatever you think of, and gives you full domination to do what you want with them when it comes to the Home decor goes in spring. And as you can see, just one part like the one in the room above, where the carpet effortlessly ties everything together, can make a big difference without being distracting or visually noisy.


Spring home decor trends plants

Plants are the epitome of spring – they bring a room to life in a way that other decorative accessories and furnishings simply cannot. House plants that are easy to manage anywhere are the way to go as you approach the warmer seasons. Plants are also a great way to bring in the texture, color, feel for the natural and organic you need, and they help purify the air.

You will see them thrive in the warmth and sunlight that spring brings, and your home will feel like a spring haven in no time. Choose plants with bright green and yellow foliage to add to the light and vibrant feeling you want to achieve with these spring 2019 home decor trends. Best of all, as there is an endless variety of plants that are readily available, you won’t have to spend a small fortune getting them home. And for a really trendy yet timeless feel, plant them in modern mid-century pots that feature a stylish, decorative statement that will never go out of style.

Get + Stay Organized

Spring home decor trends organized storage

Okay, so spring cleaning isn’t quite on our agenda as we step away from the depths of winter. Indeed, it’s a great time to debug, sort collections, implement smart storage solutions, and effectively clean up your entire home. A good old-fashioned spring cleaning will make your home feel fresh and renewed. Once you clear the clutter, you can take handy spring decorating steps. Put all the items you don’t need on the surface and minimize the mess in all the rooms in your home.

The less visible you are, the more airy your home will feel and spring (along with spring decorating trends) can easily flow through your home. To simplify the process, take a cue from Marie Kondo and start with the most challenging spaces first, such as closets, kitchen, garage and attic or basement. That way, you have less chance of giving up when it comes down to it. Make sure to also create specific spaces for everything on your way from room to room so you can find something and put it back more easily. This essentially helps you stay clean long after you’ve done spring cleaning.

Botanical prints

Spring home decor trends modern flowers living room interior design 2019

If the hassle with real plants sounds too far away, or you have a habit of killing plant life faster than spring comes, botanical prints might be the answer to your prayers for decorating spring. Place botanical prints on a wall in mismatched frames to add a natural decor element to your home.

Choose light wood or light frames to add that spring feeling to your whole house. Botanical prints add vibrancy to every room in the house – the culmination of home decor trends in spring. If you opt for botanical prints in somber colors, they will look great all year round. Even better if the prints you bring in are scaled too large to really make a meaningful statement. This will help you reduce the challenges associated with real business while adding a sense of the outdoors and a touch of femininity for a softer feel. However, you can also achieve a similar effect with printed pillows, throws, and even slipcovers for a welcoming seasonal effect,

A raised ombre effect

Spring home decor trends ombre

The stamp effects of ombre and shibori are reminiscent of a gorgeous, sun-kissed and naturally faded textile and give the room a visual texture. Best of all, if you are familiar with the process of tie dyeing, it will make it easier for you to perfect your own DIY takes. Choose a soft spring shade and process it into an ombre effect on a piece of furniture, textile-like curtains, or even a wall.

This will make a fun project (especially if you’re into your DIY home decor) to master on one of the warmer spring weekends. Choose a soft blue, blush pink, pretty lilac, sunny yellow or apple green, and a medium and light shade of the same color.Starting from the top, paint your wall or piece of furniture from light to dark as you move down. Ombre effects are one of our top decoration trends in spring 2019, as they give a room a pleasant warmth. Even better when you take pride in knowing that you created the effect yourself. But if that sounds like too much of a hassle, you can inexpensively reflect the effect with inexpensive, store-bought found pieces that are effortless to bring in the look.

Play with the pattern

Spring home decor trends fresh patterns

With the spring return of spring and the brighter days, it is a great time to play, mix and match with inflammatory patterns to create vibrant combinations that sing the spring. Spring home decor wouldn’t be complete with patterns and prints juxtaposed in a playful and spectacular homage to 2019 spring home decor.

Ultimately, the Pattern game is great any time of year and any time of year, but for us it really comes into its own in spring. But if an entire room of vibrant prints, patterns, and colors is all too bold for you, you can still introduce cheerful colors in small doses that are just as effective. This can be about pillows, throws, bedding, decorative items, carpets, curtains, whatever you call it. All it takes is just one step in the right direction to get the right look and make a room all the more energetic.

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