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Outdoor Shower Ideas

Outdoor Shower Ideas

modern shower ideas

If you’re lucky enough to live in a humid area with long, warm summers, an outdoor shower can be a life-enhancing bonus to your home that’s well worth the investment. Whether you have a hot tub or pool, live on the beach, near a lake, or just want to cool off outside, these outdoor shower decorating ideas will pique your interest.

To inspire you and be on your way to your own enviable outdoor oasis, we reached out to D├ęcor Aid’s design specialists for advice on the best modern outdoor shower ideas for any home. From rustic ideas for outdoor showers to modern ideas for outdoor showers to inexpensive ideas for outdoor showers that don’t break your budget, there is something to be found for almost every room. Whatever your style calls for, consider these 10 trendy outdoor shower ideas for 2019 as a smart place to start before taking your first step.

A private oasis full of green

green outdoor shower ideas

When it comes to affordable outdoor shower ideas that don’t lack serious style, hiding your outdoor shower with lots of greenery from your yard is a delightfully private oasis. Make a solid foundation for this with rocky-looking slate and surround the area with natural natural trellis – think of tall bamboo stalks and the kind for a stunning effect. This works best in a secluded corner of the garden near your home. Grow lots of tall and thick foliage to use as a shower screen, and make sure you add plants that will do well in a humid environment.

You will have your own secluded outdoor shower that will make you feel like you are showering after a lazy day by the pool or strolling around your neighborhood in the rainforest. The more you use your outdoor shower, the less you need to water these plants.

Country style screened shower

stylish outdoor shower ideas

Just because you are installing an outdoor shower doesn’t mean your outdoor shower design ideas should be seen by the entire neighborhood. If you want to maintain privacy while using your outdoor shower, a fully screened shower is an essential style. A country-style shower area, cream, white or painted in a bold contrasting stripe is an attractive solution for keeping everything stylish and discreet. Choose a screen that gives you a farmhouse door feel and choose a wood floor so that the water can drain easily.

This makes a nice rustic idea for an outdoor shower that looks timeless and is easy to use at the same time. We love how the homeowner above used a porthole-inspired mirror to really highlight a nautical theme while also serving a practical purpose.

Rustic cabin

rustic outdoor shower ideas

Made entirely of wood and stone, an idyllic interpretation of rustic ideas for outdoor showers will feel infinitely charming and serene. And when you use natural elements, you’ll find that it is a pretty inexpensive way to make an outdoor shower look luxurious. So if you’re looking for inexpensive outdoor shower ideas, this is a great route. If you have a cabin by a lake or a quaint cabin in the woods, it matches the design and just adds a stunning rustic flair to your spring and summer weekends.

If you have a lot of space, you can also set up a drying area. If not, just add a door so you can easily sneak away for a cooling shower. The trick is to make sure the floor is smooth as unpolished stones can make your feet rough.

Spa shower

Spa like outdoor shower ideas

If rustic touches don’t suit you and your hoe and you want something a little more glamorous, then an outdoor spa shower is one of the most modern outdoor shower ideas for you. Pave the outside area with luxuriously shiny tiles and make sure that they are easy to grip to avoid possible slips. Pick a large, dramatic brass shower head that completes the look and comes with matching brass temperature controls and hardware.

Go for an all-white look to complete the spa feel, or a contrasting gray floor if you don’t want to take the risk of an all-white floor.

Log changing area

Wood outdoor shower ideas

If you are lucky enough to live right on the beach, consider investing in a changing room as well as an outdoor shower. This makes donning and doffing swim costumes for a day at the beach so much easier – your days of getting in and out of your swimwear in a bikini wrapped in a towel are long gone. Use a warm wood that will withstand the weather well over the years.

Make sure your outdoor shower ideas have plenty of room to change – and a dedicated area to keep clean towels, used ones, and a bench or stool to sit on.

Environmentally friendly shower

eco-friendly outdoor shower ideas

If you are an eco warrior or just aware of the amount of water you are consuming, then we guarantee this will be one of your favorite outdoor shower design ideas. Using the water from your outdoor shower to irrigate your garden is a smart way to go. This is known as “gray water” which basically just means that you are easily reusing water that has been used up.

By installing a gray water system, you can water your garden with the water from your outdoor shower, which reduces costs and saves you time that you would normally spend hosing outside. Breathtaking shower ideas don’t become more sustainable.

Shower with a view

nice outside shower ideas

When you have lovely scenery to look out over, consider making the most of your outdoor shower decorating ideas to get even better views of the views. There are several ways you can do this: You can build your shower screen so that it is fairly open at the top and you can see over the side walls so you can enjoy the view while you bathe.

If you want something a little more enclosed to keep the cool air out, glass panels are required for your outdoor shower ideas. Once your shower screen is chest level, switch materials from wood to glass for a clearer view of the landscape in front of you. Such a direction will only help make your home feel all the more unique while increasing property value instantly.

A combination of shower and bathtub

Shower and tub outdoor shower ideas

If you don’t want to shower, an oversized tub is a great alternative. When considering outdoor shower design ideas that include a bathtub, be sure to keep the scaling in mind. Choose a nice freestanding bathtub with a roll top and install a shower over it if you want to rinse off quickly. These brilliant outdoor showers allow you to relax in a luxurious, warm bath under the night sky.

This is also a good idea if you don’t have the room or the budget for a hot tub. The key here, however, is that the scale needs to be perfect in order for the look to be judged as best as possible.

Mediterranean style

elegant ideas for outdoor showers

What could be more Mediterranean than an outdoor shower? And if you want to achieve a Mediterranean effect, you can enjoy it with ideas for outdoor shower with stunning tiles with a Mediterranean pattern. We love blue and white for this, but you can mix and match and pick any color or pattern that feels right for you. Tile the side of your house and make room for the shower that can be wall-mounted.

This is a great option if you’re looking for small outdoor shower ideas as it takes up little space – no more space than a standard indoor shower.

Jungle palms

tropical outdoor shower ideas

Bring it back to nature with an outdoor shower surrounded by palm trees. You will feel like you are showering in the middle of the jungle. Make your shower tray and screen out of natural stone and plant tall palm trees all around so that nature will cocoon you while washing. Don’t forget to use a hook to hang your gorgeous white towels on a sturdy hook – no cool outdoor shower design ideas are complete without a practical hook.

This makes for a cool idea for an outdoor shower that will look stunning from day one and continue to give you the ultimate in comfort.

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