Spring Decor Ideas

Spring Decor Ideas

After a long and busy winter season, let’s take a look at what lies ahead with inspiring ideas for spring decorations that anyone can use to upgrade their home, from beginners to interior design enthusiasts.

From seductive colors and patterns to fresh surfaces and trendy furniture, you will find everything here that you should consider for your own home this season.

Create a reading corner

Spring decor ideas reading corner

This spring, treat yourself to a calming reading nook or a dedicated area to sit back and meditate. Even better if you can create one in a dead space like a hallway or on a landing.

Bring bold hits of color

Spring decor ideas color

Embrace energetic colors when it is warmer and swap linens, throws, pillows, and decorative items for ones that are more maximal in spirit. Since they are seasonal, you can be more experimental.

Or go monochrome

Spring decor ideas monochrome

If seditious colors aren’t for you or don’t make sense in your home, go for a more minimal shade and stick to a few shades of sand to keep the appearance subtle. Makeup foundation shades are a great source of inspiration if you’re looking for a layered texture.

A bold carpet

Spring decor ideas bolder carpet

We consider carpets and floors as the starting point in every room. Replacing a rug for a lighter one can redefine a room. Just look for an interesting color that is also easy to keep clean.

Curved seats

Spring decor ideas curved seating

It could be as nominal as a curved chair or a side table with an asymmetrical shape or a large, crescent-shaped sofa. Curved seating may be very trendy, but we don’t think its appeal will fade anytime soon.

High shine extras

Spring decor ideas metallic details

Metallic decorative accessories and high-gloss surfaces will instantly brighten any room while giving it a sense of everyday glamor. The same goes for crystal and of course for mirrors.

Refreshed cabinet facades

Spring decor ideas kitchen cabinets

If you’re tired of the look and feel of your kitchen furniture but don’t have a big budget to work with or, alternatively, don’t prefer cheaper open shelves, rethinking helps.

Replace the central part of your upper cabinet facades with a cage wire front for a slightly French flair or even glass for something a little more sophisticated. In any case, your kitchen will feel bigger too.

Intelligent storage solutions

Spring decor ideas storage solutions

The spring cleaning should be accompanied by new storage areas and a refreshment of the storage solutions. Investigate dead areas around your home, especially above doors, to come up with clever storage ideas.

A wonderful accent wall

Spring decor ideas accent wall

We’ve probably mentioned accent walls a hundred times, but that’s simply because they’re so strong. Bring a room to life with either a freshly painted accent wall or one covered with wallpaper.

The great thing about accent walls is that they don’t cost a fortune, don’t require the kind of dedication that paints an entire room, and they’re easy to update too. Plus, they’ll help you add depth to a room as you experiment with color.

Rattan furniture

Spring decor ideas rattan furniture

Cane, rattan and wicker furniture are all prerequisites for warm weather, as they convey a refreshing warmth and a feeling for nature in spring and summer.

Fresh flowers

Spring decor ideas fresh flowers

More plants in the warmer months are a breeze as they soak up more sun and are easier to manage. Even better if you routinely pamper every room in your home with fresh flowers.

The best thing about plants compared to other add-ons on this list is that they are easy to get hold of and are also the most affordable way to instantly upgrade any storage space.

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