Small Living Room Ideas

Small Living Room Ideas

small living room ideas

Are you looking for small living room ideas for your home but don’t know where to start? Knowing that it can seem impossible to make a tiny room look bigger than it is, we reached out to our interior designers to share brilliant ideas that will help your little living room decor make a big impact.


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Mirrors are great for fooling your eyes and are one of the best ideas for small living rooms that are also affordable and easy to get hold of. Mirrors can add depth and dimension to a small living room design that didn’t exist before. This makes it feel more spacious and when they are placed behind light sources, the room becomes brighter by reflecting the light.

A light and light room always feels bigger than a dark and dull one. Position the mirrors across from the windows to reflect natural light as well as the view so that it almost looks like there is another window.

Vertical space

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An interesting light fixture draws your gaze up to the ceiling to remind you of the entire space above you – a clever trick for smart living room interiors. While you don’t have a large space, using the vertical space with clever decorating ideas for the living room can make all the difference. To add height to your space, consider using stylish floor-to-ceiling curtains instead of traditional space-saving blinds for added drama. The vertical display of your art as well as another intelligent solution as a gallery wall create a dramatic effect.

Display art up instead of out to create a dynamic gallery wall. By spreading your art lengthways across a room, you can close it and bring the walls together while making the room feel much smaller. Showing your art that makes the most of your vertical space has exactly the opposite effect for a small living room decor. Lower furniture can also highlight vertical space – choose sofas and chairs with a lower back.

Design your ceiling

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Use this dead space to have as much hanging from the ceiling as possible. Blankets are often forgotten in terms of storage and there is much to be done to take advantage of that blank space. Hang planters from the ceiling to avoid wasting space with large pots on the floor.

Neutral colors

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Light and neutral colors help keep a room fresh and feel spacious, and are great choices when it comes to decorating ideas for small living rooms. Use light colors everywhere to make it feel bigger. From walls to floors to upholstery and upholstered furniture: the lighter the better.

The walls blend in with your small living room design, which makes the space feel more expansive as it is harder to see where one wall ends and another begins. If you’re feeling brave, these tiny living room ideas will get you all white. White floors, white walls, white furniture – white everywhere … this look is sure to add to your small living room design.

Ground visibility

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The more floor space you can see, the bigger your room will look. There are several ways to accomplish this. Make sure you don’t have more furniture than you need. When your room is crowded, it looks crowded and cluttered, making even the largest rooms look smaller when it comes to living room decorating ideas.

If possible, opt for glass. Opting for a glass table allows you to see through it, which means that this section of your small living room design will not be closed off. Because you can see through them, the eye will make you think that more floor space is available.

Light furniture

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Choose furniture with slender legs; When you choose furniture with thinner legs, one part will feel lighter, take up less visual space in your room, and you can see more floor underneath, which will make your small space look bigger.

Think tripod floor lamps, chairs, and sofas without armrests – you’ll be amazed at the difference they can make in decorating small living rooms. The less annoying your furniture, the better with small living room decor.

Embrace comfort

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How to decorate a small living room If your living room is really challenging and no bunch of small living room ideas make it seem bigger, then you own it. Embrace it and work with how dainty it is while keeping it super cozy and well equipped. Introduce playful elements like a colorful rug or graphic print pillow for your small living room design.

One trick to making a room seem larger is to keep your eye constantly moving. When there’s nothing to commit to, there’s no time to stop and notice how little the space really is. Be bold and throw lots of pattern and color into the mix to keep the eyes in the room.

Big carpets

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Using a large rug in a small space can surprisingly make a room feel much larger. When you have a small rug, the floor space is broken up, making the room feel smaller.

With a larger rug, this visual disruption won’t occur, which means your room will feel more spacious, even if the pattern on your rug is bold.


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Decorating with lots of small pieces in a small space is not decorating a small living room. Small objects can make a small room feel even smaller. Don’t be afraid to include larger items in your small living room decor as they will also keep the space from feeling cluttered.

Have two large chairs instead of four smaller ones, or a large, low coffee table instead of a mix of small end tables in your small living room design.

Multipurpose furniture

Ideas for small multipurpose living room

When space is tight, invest in multipurpose furniture. Whether it is a desk that doubles as a dining table or a rug that doubles as a play area for the children. Maybe a coffee table with storage space for books, blankets and other items that you don’t always need.

How about an artistic shelf for small living room decor ideas that look beautiful and offer much-needed storage space? All you have to do is display your collectibles and keepsakes in a thoughtful and stylized way. There are many pieces of furniture on the market that can serve more than one purpose in a small living space – you just need to think outside the box.

Line it up

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Opting for linear designs allows you to create much-needed structure in a small space, and create the illusion of extra length or width depending on how your lines flow.

This can be subtle or bold – you could have a light gray and white striped sofa or bold with a black and white striped rug. You can even go for striped wallpaper to extend this trick to your walls in your small living room interior design.

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