Small Backyard Ideas

Small Backyard Ideas

little backyard ideas

So your garden is small and you wish it was bigger? Since you can’t make your garden bigger, there are some clever little gardening ideas you can use to make it look more spacious. From small garden design ideas to plants to smart storage ideas, our landscape experts have scrutinized brilliant small garden ideas that can help you create a more spacious garden that is sure to become an outdoor oasis.

Keep it working

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Think about how you want to use your garden. Pick a few key features that you need and stick with them as you come up with backyard design ideas. Maybe this is a place to relax and read a book, a place to cook on the grill, or an outdoor dining area so you can entertain your friends.

Regardless of what backyard ideas you have in mind, designing your space around this key feature means making the most of your space and not wasting the small amount of space you have on unnecessary purposes.

Divide your space

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If you have a small garden, you can make the most of it by placing different features in different zones. For example, let’s say you need a play area, dining area, vegetable patch, and seating area. Divide your garden into four zones to achieve this.

The tendency in a garden is to often overlap these areas. This can be dangerous and difficult to maintain in a small garden. If you divide your garden into different functional areas, you can also use the entire garden to turn small garden ideas into big ideas.

Focus paths

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As soon as you step into a room, you appraise it and measure how big (or small) it is. When you have a small garden, you don’t want people to go in and immediately think, “Wow, that’s tiny.” Create a focal point with paths to keep your guests from realizing how small your yard really is. This will take your eyes off the scanning of your garden to enlarge it and keep focus elsewhere.

To make your yard feel even bigger, zigzag your path, creating curves and twists. As the eye moves from point to point to follow the path, your brain is tricking your brain into thinking it is bigger than it is. While these are simple backyard ideas, they make a huge difference.

Light fence color

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If you have a fence around your yard, it’s a good idea to paint it. Your fence doesn’t have to be colored wood brown. You can paint it in any color you want.

To make your garden look bigger, choose a light color for your fence or a natural color (like a soft green) that blends in with the background so you can’t see where the foliage ends and the fence begins. This is a great option when you need backyard ideas on a budget as it doesn’t cost a lot to complete.

Vertical landscaping

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So you have a small garden and you can’t add width, but you can add height by introducing vertical landscaping into your garden design ideas. Make great strides with your little garden design ideas and create different levels or even steps in your yard. Or how about a plant wall at the end of your garden? This will make your garden appear longer than it is (if you drag your eye the length of the room) and it will create more green space, which will also make your garden feel bigger.

It doesn’t have to be as big and brave as a plant wall; Planting for height is a simple backyard design that is just as effective. Include plants that grow tall and trees that grow up quickly in your garden design ideas. Tall grasses are great for height and movement, and flowering plants like lupins and delphinium make for elegant height and gorgeous color.

Simplicity is the key

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Simplicity is the key to small backyard ideas. The busier it gets, the more crowded your garden will feel and the smaller it will appear. Keep your lines, colors, and plants simple so as not to overcrowd the space. Plant so that the main color is green instead of lots of bold and bright flower displays, and choose simple patio furniture as well – keep these little garden ideas as simple as possible.

Limit the amount of garden clutter you hang around and invest in some storage space for outdoor toys and garden tools. You can discreetly hide this behind clever planting so it doesn’t overcrowd your space.

Maintain maintenance

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Once your yard gets messy, the room closes and it doesn’t take long before it feels claustrophobic. Keeping an eye on your garden maintenance will keep that feeling in check and make your garden feel as spacious as possible.

This means that trees and bushes are kept pruned so they don’t invade your space too much. Weeds also need to be kept at bay and the lawn trimmed to keep the space from looking messy. If you can’t keep up with maintenance yourself, consider hiring someone to help you with it. Once it gets out of hand, getting your yard back becomes a huge task.

Garden mirror

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Mirrors are not only intended for the house, they also have their ideas for designing backyards. There are some lovely garden mirror options that not only make your garden look bigger, but also create a stunning focal point. Distract from a boring shed by hanging a mirror on the side, disguising something that can be a bit of a shame, while adding reflective depth to your yard.

Another backyard idea for small yards is to place a mirror behind the grating. ideal for discreetly using the power of mirrors. How about an arched mirror or a mirror that is surrounded by shutters to make it look like it is a window – this is a clever and beautiful way to add reflection to your yard, and it’s easy when it is is about small backyard ideas.

Forego grass for clapboard

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Bright shingles can be lifesaving in a small yard and are perfect for simple backyard designs. We all know bright colors that make things look bigger, and so does your garden. Drop the lawn and the pesky lawnmower and invest in a pretty stone in a light tone.

Not only does it look wonderful and make your garden look much bigger, but it also saves a lot of time on garden maintenance. If you’re in need of backyard ideas on a budget this might not be for you as clapboards can be surprisingly expensive.

Storage seat

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Kill two birds with one stone by creating a seating area that can also be used for storage. Design bench seats where you can remove the cushions, lift the seat, and put away your garden tools and children’s toys. This is a great way to save space by creating a multipurpose seating area that doesn’t require a shed.

Make this area your place to relax and unwind after a busy day. Make sure it is comfortable and plush, with soft pillows and a plush blanket to tuck away when the evenings get a little chilly. It’s a simple backyard idea that is really effective.

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