Unisex Baby Shower Decorations

Unisex Baby Shower Decorations

Many choose to throw baby shower themes according to the sex of their baby. But while such parents exist, there is also parenting that wants to keep the child's sex unknown until birth. There are also parents who do not believe in sexual parties. In both cases, it is ideal to throw a unisex baby shower using unisex baby shower decorations. Many people are unaware of what such decorations may be.

Color Scheme

It is a widely accepted fact that pink is for girls while blue is for boys. If you want to clear these prejudices, consider incorporating both colors and the colors of your unisex baby shower decorations. You can choose a shade of purple, black, teal or green. The color palette is full of colors and you can choose any one you prefer.


There are lots of other things to go to an expected mom than dolls or racing cars. Go for a more subtle choice of toy that either sex can play with. A cooking kit for example or a board game or a ball are all good ideas. You can even go to a child's mobile set of the solar system. If all of these fail, then keep accessories such as pampers, coupons for baby clothes for babies or even baby food. No mom can turn any of these things.

There are plenty of unisex baby shower decorations that you can carry out at your baby shower. Don't let societal stigmas stop you.