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San Francisco Home Decor Shops

San Francisco Home Decor Shops

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San Francisco has some serious design credibility, and when it comes to homeware stores it becomes a shopping destination. Whether your style is luxurious and traditional, elegant and modern, or vintage and eclectic, we’ve rounded up the must-see stores. Even if you are just looking for inspiration and guidance on the design, we urge you to return from the City by the Bay with no creative energy or motivation. Even if you leave your heart in San Francisco, you can at least take home some amazing design finds.

Big Daddy’s Antiques, Inc.

When you’re hungry for something you can’t find anywhere else, go to Big Daddy’s. Regardless of whether you are looking for an antique armchair or commissioning an individual piece, this jewel will inspire and delight you again and again.

1550 17th Street, 415-621-6800

Heather pottery

Heath Ceramics was founded in nearby Sausalito in 1948 and opened a new tile factory and showroom in the mission district in 2012. You can take a tour of the factory (or just have a blue bottle coffee from the vantage point) and then shop for Home Essentials in the retail showroom.

2900 18th Street, 415-361-5552

Everyone has had this effortlessly cool friend who somehow seems to know every obscure designer, aspiring artist, and bustling furniture maker. The Future Perfect is that retail friend. Out of dramatic beds over Luca Nichetto For elegant lighting by Bec Brittain, each piece feels like a unique design statement.

3085 Sacramento Street, 415-932-6508

As the name suggests, Super Simple has the essentials for the home, but don’t call it boring. There’s the cutting boards that give the illusion of being 3-D and the iron bottle opener that looks like a wrench. There’s also the beautifully curving curved wine rack that could serve as a work of art. In other words, it’s basically the perfect place to buy a housewarming gift (for you, too).

2200 15th Street, 415-658-7685

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Handcrafted housewares, interesting jewelry, and locally made perfumes and skin care products fill the shelves at Industrious Life, where you will undoubtedly have an authentic San Francisco shopping experience.

1095 Tennessee Street, 415-349-3479

It’s not surprising that Hudson Grace was founded by two best friends, given the friendly, welcoming atmosphere the place exudes. And one of these friends also happens to have a lot of experience in developing home and table products, so the store has a carefully selected range of decorative items and subtleties.

3350 Sacramento Street, 415-440-7400

“Elegant” and “timeless” are some of the cheap adjectives you can use to describe Plantation, whose pieces of furniture are definitely considered eternal pieces. And if you can’t find pieces that don’t quite fit the picture in your head, you can work with the design team to create the bespoke furniture of your dreams.

336 Hayes Street, 415-565-0888

Take plenty of time to explore Stuff’s massive 17,000 square feet, two story warehouse space. You can browse the goods of more than 60 retailers and find everything from vintage Eames lounge chairs and Saarinen womb chairs to whimsical wall art and objects.

150 Valencia Street, 415-864-2900

Any well-equipped kitchen could have a few (or many) items in use starting March, including everything from simple, well-designed dishes to a specialty set of three cheese knives made by master knives in a small Italian factory.

3075 Sacramento Street, 415-931-7433


If your design tastes more luxurious, Anthem should cover you from the bedroom to the bathroom to the dining room. In addition to a large selection of high-quality furniture, you will also find pillows, frames and objects that make your room feel individual and comfortable.

3274 Sacramento Street, 415-440-6500