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Round Coffee Table Ideas

Round Coffee Table Ideas

Marble coffee table

Choosing the type of coffee table for your space is not a choice for the weary decision. Keep it simple by choosing the shape you want first before delving into the myriad of possibilities. Our designers are a strong argument for the round. One of the best reasons to choose a round coffee table is that it provides a great contrast to the rectangular furniture in a room. From the sofa to the sideboard to the books on the table and the rug on the floor, there can be many straight lines in the living room, so adding a round table will provide exactly the visual break the space needs. See below for inspiration for round tables.

Pictured: Coffee table from our luxury NYC condo project.

Living room section

gray cut white circular coffee table

This round coffee table is the perfect foil for the three-sided cut. It also reflects the shape of the small dining table by the window. About House & Garden UK

Versatile sofas

black accent wall living room design

Several straight sofas call for a round coffee table. over Home & Garden UK

Round modern coffee table

blue patchwork carpet living room

There are many straight lines in this room – the hood from the stove, the sofa, even the carpet – the round coffee table is a nice juxtaposition. over Home & Garden UK

Small coffee table

gray modern sofa living room

Create a seating area with a rounded coffee table. Image from our Pied-a-Terre project.

Minimalist coffee table

Rattan armchair living room wall decal

With its oversized arms, this sofa needs to be balanced. Combined with airy rattan loungers and a round open table, it feels just right. over Home & Garden UK

Saarinen coffee table

all white living room

An oval table is a great choice when you have two matching sofas. A Saarinen marble is perfection. over Remodelista