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Office Design Trends

Office Design Trends

modern office interior design 2019

When you think about it, there is nothing less inspirational to productivity than a generic office design, or worse, an outdated, unkempt, and cluttered office design that is disorganized all day. And as office design trends become increasingly important to the enterprise spirit, it makes all the more sense to update and expand your workspace to create a calming and energetic atmosphere. More than ever, the value of beautiful and beneficial office design is an essential part of making any business endeavor a success. Even so, even our own team of interior designers quickly pointed out that office decoration has even become part of the decision-making process when future employees are considering

In addition to lifestyle, employee wellbeing will become even more of a focus when it comes to modern office design trends for 2019 and beyond, along with creative office decorating ideas and building an environment that is designed to encourage success. If you want to stay ahead of the curve in the interior design of your workplace and create the best space for the people around you, you are sure to discover key inspirations from these trendy office designs for 2019 and beyond.

Comforting office decor ideas

contemporary office design trends 2019

Creating a home away from home is currently heavily influenced by trends in office design. As more and more time is spent in the office, creating welcoming, comfortable, and relaxing spaces is key. Creating areas that create the feeling of a well-designed living room at home is becoming a popular way to get such a calming feeling.

Think of a soft and relaxing coffee area with low-lying coffee tables, plants, comfy couches, throw pillows, and soft lighting. If you make more intimate spaces like this a feature in your office design it will make all the difference whether people are relaxing here or using the space for an informal meeting.

Maintain nature

modern office design trends 2019

Modern office decor ideas make full use of natural elements and organic vibrations, be it through natural materials, plants or simply through inspiration from the great outdoors. The color schemes are heavily influenced by browns, oranges, greens and lighter neutral tones and convey the feeling of a calming and familiar forest.

Materials like stone, dark wood, and natural fibers are used for furniture and home textiles that use simple but thoughtful silhouettes. Add real or faux fur and leather for a luxurious statement that creates a warm and lovely fall feel. Also, add plenty of plants to keep the air in your office space clean while creating vibrant life and energy.

Sufficient storage space

Smart Office Design Trends 2019

When it comes to office design trends and renovating the space to not only look better but work better, bring as many hidden storage units as you can to create a sleek and minimal workspace that is easy to access with document holders and documents are awarded by the ilk.

Keep your work office decor minimal so that the main ingredients of your day take center stage, like the tidy work area shown above. The built-in unit above, which only takes up about 10 feet of wall space, should serve as clever inspiration for small office ideas as it takes up barely any visual space while the color, life, and necessities shine through on simple shelves and a must-have Bulletin Wall.


best office plants

Plants have many advantages as part of your office furniture. Studies have shown that they can help relieve stress in any room and effectively increase productivity. If that wasn’t enough to get you excited about introducing plants and vibrant flowers into your office design, then how about the fact that they help you achieve affordable visually enhanced office design that results in happier, healthier employees ?

Many plants can also help effectively purify the air of pollutants, improve air quality, and regulate the humidity and odors inside. A mix of mismatched plants and succulents will brighten up your office decor and make for happier and healthier office spaces all round. And if you really want to make a statement with a hint about sustainability, living walls offer an architecturally savvy approach to bringing in as much plant life as possible without taking up valuable space.

Layered textures

artistic office design trends 2019

Cold and frugal office designs always evoke a lifeless energy, while layers and layers of texture and color feel right at the moment and bring mood-enhancing elements with them. Office decor is no longer about cool minimalism as a lot of textures are introduced to make office spaces much more welcoming. The introduction of layers of texture over carpets, home textiles, prints and patterns arranged next to one another, as well as a series of transitional furniture help give an office design depth and create interesting focal points that these rooms unfortunately often lack.

Try combining a variety of textured throws and pillows, from leather to sheepskin to a sturdy wool blend, or go with a warm neutral sofa with a metal and stone end table in your reception area to really pop it. Choose opulent, vivid colors and finishes, and choose different tones and shades to make your space even more welcoming.

Reuse and recycle

Retro office design trends 2019

The use of recycled materials and the conversion of previous furnishings and accessories are strongly influenced by the trends in interior design in 2019. So it only makes sense that they should show up in office design ideas as well, and for good reason. By being environmentally conscious about your office design, you can not only create a special and unique office space but also reduce your impact on the environment.

There are so many clever office design ideas out there that can make the most of recycled materials, from reclaimed wood furniture to wallcoverings made from recycled materials to upcycling the old office furniture you wanted to get rid of. If you are environmentally conscious in your office, let it affect the way your work office is set up. To do this without looking stubborn or too smart, keep the look minimal and practical without being overly creative, as you want your workspace to look well appraised and professional.

Striking colors

stylish office design trends 2019

Forget about tonal offices where the entire space is dedicated to just one or a few neutral colors. Solid color office decor ideas are thoroughly dated and uninspiring to say the least. Instead, introduce eye-catching color palettes and intriguing patterns to take their place. Cold and strict, all neutral office decor color schemes do not add to comfort or creativity. So include bold colors in your office decor so it doesn’t look so seriously clinical.

Many of the colors that we see trending in decorating a home are also great alternatives when looking at office design trends. Especially when you are looking for ideas for creating a productive office space. Think about jewel tones. deep green, blue and purple as well as autumnal shades such as orange, burgundy and brown for a touch of reserved everyday glamor. Use colors with a lot of depth and don’t be afraid to go big – from paint to carpets, your office decor should pique curiosity and interest right away.

Wonderful metals

Inspiration for a metal desk

We’re not suggesting that you plating your office gold, but if you allow in high-gloss metallic influences and matte metal surfaces and furniture to revive your office design, this will be a world for good. Metallics play an important role in the best 2019 office design trends for boosting both creativity and productivity – from wall paneling with an added metallic sheen to framed wall art in metallic tones that also reflect light and make the room appear larger – just like mirrors and reflective surfaces with ease.

Gold, bronze, and silver tones work well with scattered furniture and as metal legs on coffee tables, end tables, and seating to add everyday elegance to your work office decor. Metallics are also great for small office ideas as you don’t have that much room to play and have to create an enviable wow factor in other ways. All white office tables and work areas ensure that the area appears larger, cleaner, more modern and, above all, timeless.

Old against new

Transitional office design trends 2019

One of our most popular office design trends of 2019 is the return of juxtaposing vintage and new furniture for a completely unique, layered and well-judged look. If you have older office furniture that is timelessly appealing, adopt it and keep your vision open so you can incorporate some modern additions to create a stark contrast that will keep the eye moving. If your office space is architecturally modern and up to date, bring some vintage and antiques and accessories to add depth and much-needed character to the entire space.

State-of-the-art glass buildings can be softened with influences of brass, bronze, and gold, along with comfy leather couches with an old look and ethnically inspired prints and patterns to make them feel really alive. An older office space can be brought into the 21 st century with high-tech pod seating and wall units. Contrast makes for a creative and interesting space. So don’t be afraid to combine old and new for the ultimate office design trend.

Geometric pattern

bold office design trends 2019

When it comes to the cutting edge office design trends of 2019, geometric patterns have been all the rage at the latest interior design shows as they do a wonderful job of creating an interesting space while banishing plain walls with a more intriguing graphic set of print commands. One of our preferred uses for geometric patterns in an office design is on glass room dividers.

Leave the dull partitions behind you are used to and open up your office decor with a geometric pattern on panels of glass (ideas like these help create depth and interest in your office design). How about geometric planters in the coffee area or geometric side tables at the reception to keep the appearance uniform and not distracting? Glass partitions are also good for not only defining your office design, but also helping to make it appear larger, not blocking the daylight it needs. They are thoroughly modern and make the entire office space appear more up-to-date, unique and the best of all luxurious.

Go slim and slim

minimal office design trends 2019

If you go for an almost non-existent office design concept, make sure your office space is timeless and completely free of clutter or distractions. It also gives you a lot more space, especially if you want to make the most of an artist’s combined studio and work area or need plenty of space for future meetings at a large conference table.

As with brilliant office design trends, if they feature smart office design ideas, look unique, and offer clever storage solutions like no one has ever seen, sometimes the most subtle stylistic elements can make a much bigger statement than you ever thought. Take the office ideas featured above and make sure the space is infinitely inspiring with its oversized angular glass wall and ultra-cool built-in work area. Without careful consideration and an eye for ingenious design solutions, however, the room could have taken a completely uninspiring design direction.

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