Office Decor Trends

Office Decor Trends

modern office decor trends

When it comes to beneficial trends in office décor, understanding best decorating practices can be a task in itself to create a space that is cozy and inspiring. Changing your office decor can seem like a daunting task that can easily be overlooked as there is a lot to consider without even considering the current trends in office decor.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 10 office design trends for 2019 that Décor Aid interior designers considered to help you make the most of your workspace with a considered style.

Natural light

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It should come as no surprise that natural light is the best type of light to work with, as it makes sense to have as much of it in your office as possible to keep the mood going. Natural light contributes to better productivity and a more pleasant working environment. The more natural light you can bring into your office decorating ideas, the better it is for the general well-being of the entire team. Open up your work area by using the largest possible windows and keeping the sills clear. If you need blinds, make sure they are slim and easily retractable. When you can no longer let in natural light, use stylish mirrors and reflective surfaces that hang in the room,

The latest trends in office decor are about making your work environment as comfortable and inspiring as possible for the entire team. Natural light should be viewed as an essential way of increasing everyone’s mood. But if mirrors don’t work and you’re stuck in an office with no windows, our home renovation experts recommend looking for light bulbs that mimic natural light while being environmentally friendly.

Take advantage of plants

sustainable office decor trends

It should come as no surprise that including plants in your office decor is infinitely beneficial for your work environment. With most modern office spaces lacking natural and authentic elements, there are many good reasons why plants are a new trend in office decor. Plants help reduce stress and increase productivity, which can only be a good thing given today’s business pressures. Not only are they good for the entire team, but they’re also good-looking – any visitor would be surprised by an eye-catching array of green plants or a stunning wall when they walked into your office.

Plants have the added benefit of purifying the air and keeping humidity levels under control, which in turn makes your office more comfortable. Plants are generally a great and affordable alternative to clinical white office decor. Just make sure you bring low-maintenance plants as you won’t have to spend too much time watching over them.

Cozy interior

cozy office decor trends

When it comes to office decor trends in 2019, there has been a surge in creating office space that feels really comforting – almost like a home from home. And with today’s flexibility, many offices are becoming home for employees. If this is the case in your office, an important starting point in decorating the room should be to make it as comfortable as possible. Turning away from minimally designed spaces, it only makes sense to create more inviting, relaxing, and comfortable spaces with well-reviewed offices in mind. Coffee and meeting areas look more like a personalized vestibule than a space where you could potentially close an important deal – and we think

Comfortable sofas and chairs, low coffee tables, plants, carpets, and inviting wall colors transform offices into more informal and relaxing spaces. The key to keeping the appearance formal and appropriate is to only bring in decorative items that are often used to keep everything simple and useful.

Interactive meeting rooms

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There’s no better way to make meetings easier, more fun, and more productive than with interactive meeting rooms. The 2019 office design trends are increasingly focused on making meeting rooms more collaborative. From walls made of whiteboards and blackboards to rooms with chairs and tables that can be folded up and moved. The days of the static conference table dominated by a screen at one end are over – and a good relief. The ability to sit on a comfy stack of pillows on the floor and look at a screen on the wall or ceiling is a more interesting way to watch a presentation than taking notes on the floor than taking notes around you.

Allow easy control of temperature and lighting so that just the right ambience can be set for your meeting and presentation. These office decorating ideas can make a world of difference when you want to make a powerful impression. While it should be important to keep the overall look of your office consistent, you should bring in various and unexpected elements to energize your meeting and the common areas that also serve as conversation starters.

Thematic conference rooms

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Conference rooms are traditionally boring and uninspiring spaces, which is a shame as they are often the place where you should do your most inspired work. Make this easy with a playful, themed office decor that will brighten up your conference room and make it a much more comfortable space. Depending on the style and desire, there are many different topics to benefit from these themed conference rooms. Cityscapes are an infinitely inspiring idea for a topic, as are exotic destinations and various natural wonders.

The trick in sticking to a topic, however, is to be subtle and not too literal. Our interior designers suggest using a theme as the initial inspiration, followed by a mix of different design styles for a layered look. A topic taken too seriously may be unforgettable, but it will age quickly so it is not worth the time or investment.

Organic furniture

modern office decor trends

Office decor ideas increasingly demand a natural mood, organic elements, and sustainable furnishings, and for good reason. This means natural materials and inspiration outdoors, as well as plants and upcycling items. We saw trees grow in atriums, bridges over streams flowing through the reception area, and ecospheres enlivening corners. Wood and stone are increasingly being used in the latest office decoration trends, as are natural fibers for home textiles.

Such office decor trends also use natural colors like brown, green, deep oranges, and warm neutrals. Colors that make you feel like you are in the great outdoors. Keep the spirit alive by bringing in as much thoughtful furniture as possible. However, if that is not possible, get furniture from thrift stores to reduce your impact on the environment.

Interesting art

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It should go without saying that an office cannot be complete without inspiring art, especially the kind that motivates people. If your office decor lacks color and interest, don’t hesitate to invest in living art to make the space feel really alive. Whether it’s bold prints, visually calming paintings, or some stimulating prints, new office decor trends are all about invigorating art. Art is also a great way to give your employees some focus when they need a moment to think, without getting too distracted. Display art in a way that isn’t too aggressive or distracting, using it as the focus rather than an afterthought.

And if you want to add momentum and socialize in your employees, you can start an after-work art class in the evening so your employees can have fun while they relax and work together to create stunning works of art that reflect the best office decor trends of 2019 .

Allow personalization

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If everyone is spending more and more time in the office, then what if people could personalize their office space? This can result in users entering new updates to the office design or simply giving them personalization options for their workspace. Opportunities like these help your employees feel more invested in your company, thereby increasing dynamism and productivity.

Go a step further and let everyone vote on which of the new office decorating trends they like the most, or create some workspace packs to choose from to personalize the office space. Giving people choice and seeking their input is key here. Just make sure you narrow down the options to a handful that you also enjoy working with, as too much freedom can get overwhelming and visually loud.


layered office decor trends

Rich and intriguing layers and textures are present and cold, rugged office designs are absent when it comes to modern office decor ideas. Office decor trends 2019 tend towards calming layers and welcoming textures. This only makes sense if office decor trends can make the difference when it comes to making everyday tasks all the more accessible. Adding depth to office decor, as well as the personal touch that office spaces often lack, can make a huge difference in a work environment. Don’t be afraid to use layered carpets, throw pillows, patterns, accessories and furniture to create a well-judged office space that will be infinitely inspiring.

However, keep the appearance consistent and distraction-free by sticking to just a handful of design notes so that the overall look doesn’t seem random and confusing.

Vivid color

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Office decor trends 2019 are all about colors. It’s about trends that move away from cooler shades of blue, gray and austere white. These color schemes don’t add to productivity and inspiration, and they add even less to comfort. Prepare to use bold colors for your office decor ideas – imagine deep greens, vivid blues, and blushing pinks.

Don’t be afraid of sunny yellows, vibrant oranges, and opulent purples. A vibrant color palette makes for an eye-catching office and an even stronger boost in any office setting. Just make sure you like the colors you bring in as keeping them updated can be an expensive investment. Indeed, think about the bigger picture – if you’re not satisfied with the colors you’ve narrowed down in five years, it’s time to reconsider your options.

Rethink the lighting

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When it comes to the essentials that a positive work environment can really create or destroy, re-examining your lighting can make all the difference. Before almost anything else, start with lighting to get the most out of your office space.

Liven up your workplace with clever office lighting ideas that inspire everyone. To get the look right, add dimmers and bring lightbulbs that feel and look less clinical while adding a warm and welcoming glow. Light bulbs dipped in mercury also stylishly scatter light that might otherwise be arrogant.

Bring open shelves

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Open shelves are great for storing items while displaying more vividly in any office space. From books to art to decorative objects, open shelving can be a formidable addition to any office space if done right.

The key here is to keep the look consistent while avoiding small items that could be read as a clutter. Bring fancy file storage units and keep everything grouped and organized. Also, add decorative objects and memorabilia for a rich, layered appearance that turns out to be well thought out.

Drip trays

Ideas for an intelligent office organization

When it comes to the most personalized office trends that are characterized by organizational rewards, bespoke monogrammed drip trays ensure that the mood is boosted and the everyday is stylishly accommodated with ease. They can also be found relatively inexpensively from almost anywhere.

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