Reading Nook

Reading Nook

Window seat library

Finding the time to read a book (or even a magazine) can feel like a supreme luxury. But we can’t help but have the feeling that if we only had a cozy reading corner we would take our time. Even if you don’t have a quaint little niche, you can create a dedicated area to read, daydream, or just scroll through your Instagram feed. Here are some key elements to making your dream of reading:

A comfortable place to stretch out

Whether it’s an armchair And as an ottoman, chaise longue or upholstered bench, you need a place where you can curl up, lean back and just relax. If your feet are straight on the floor, your discomfort will distract you from the action.

A throw pillow and a plush blanket

If you are serious about getting cozy, you will need some reinforcements, namely a pillow to support your back or neck and a throw to snuggle under.

A side table

If you really want to relax for a while, all you need is a steaming cup of tea (or a drink of your choice), as well as a place to rest your book and glasses when reading turns into a nap.

A lamp

Regardless of whether you opt for a floor or table lamp, a special light source ensures that your reading corner feels warmer and more intimate than if you rely on ceiling lights.

A great book

Obviously. But that’s up to you.

After you understand the basics, take some inspiration from some of our favorite reading corners.

Quiet scene

gray tufted armchair reading corner

A palette of cool neutrals and mixed metals makes for an elegant space. The stately gray tufted armchair and the silver side table in combination with the modern chevron stool ensure that the room looks fresh, while a knitted throw adds texture and increases the cozy factor.

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Rustic modernity

black bench pillow reading corner

A comfortable bench is a great alternative to a chair and ottoman, especially when you need to fill a sunny corner. Filling it with pillows and a throw of fur makes the room inviting.

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Library niche

green armchair niche library

A hallway niche can be transformed from a memorable space into a coveted hideaway by adding shelves, lighting, and some plush chairs.

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Sweet retreat

pink chaise metallic lamp reading corner

Think of your reading nook as the opportunity to cut out your own little space in the room and make it entirely your own. So if you want a ladylike corner with a pink cart and vase of peonies, don’t hold back.

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Small window seat

Window seat bookshelf reading corner

Sometimes a corner is just that – a tiny space that you cut out and claim as your own. This tiny corner is little more than a wide windowsill covered with a couple of pillows and a throw pillow and personalized with a lantern and a plant. The bookshelf below is a bonus feature for quick (or moody) readers.

Via Dwell Beautiful

Chic place

blue patterned reading corner skylight

One of the great things about a reading nook is that you can do one anywhere. However, if you can design a corner then you can create a really special space, like this pattern friendly place. Custom cushions and a swing arm lamp are just the thing for a long afternoon catching up with your favorite characters.

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Stairwell hideout

reading corner under the stairs

If you have some space under a staircase, turn it into a cozy reading point. A long pillow and a few pillows make it instantly cozy, and built-in drawers provide space for stowing blankets and additional reading material.

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Minimal & Modern

minimal gray reading corner blooming branches

Clean lines and neutral tones make for a calming, relaxing space that is made even more beautiful with a dramatic vase of flowering branches. When you bring an organic element into the room, be it in the form of a plant or cut flower, the space literally comes to life.

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Reading cave

Reclaimed wooden niche reading corner

This deep alcove with a reclaimed wooden wall is basically a den for reading (or, to be honest, taking a nap). Light woods, neutral colors and calming blues make it an instantly relaxing space.

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Library lounge

Home Library window seat reading nook

When you have space to build a home library and Basically, you owe it to all book lovers to let us live through you on their behalf. In this corner of the home library, you are surrounded by books and, from the window, by nature. In a word, bliss.

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