Natural Elements To Your Urban Abode

Natural Elements To Your Urban Abode

Bring nature into your home

Being in nature has the ability to calm the mind and refresh the body. However, if you live in a metropolis, chances are you are not spending enough time in the woods or on the beach. For a life in a lack of natural landscapes, follow our guide to adding natural elements to your urban residence.

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Indoor plants succulents nature

One of the easiest ways to incorporate nature into your home is to buy house plants. Large, leafy, and green plants are great accent pieces for any room, and smaller plants like succulents make wonderful table accessories.

But remember, winter is coming. If you want helpful tips on how to keep your green friends alive during the colder months, check out our guide to keeping plants alive in winter.

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Wooden furniture

Reclaimed wood, solid teak

Wooden furniture is an extremely effective addition to a structured, yet modern space. Solid teak and pieces of old wood are particularly suitable for living rooms and kitchens.

And adding wood products doesn’t mean cutting down the entire rainforest. If you’re looking for sustainable ways to incorporate wood furniture, check out our guide to sustainable designers.

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Works of art that incorporate nature

Horse natural photography black white

Well-curated art is essential for any contemporary home. If you want to incorporate some natural elements into the house, then you should skip the usual abstract expressionist pieces and grab some natural pictures. Monochrome animal photos are a great way to convey a sleek yet natural aesthetic.

Check out the black and white horse photo we placed in the bedroom of this SoHo duplex renovation.

Coffee table decorations

Coffee table natural objects

Coffee tables are often overlooked as spaces to showcase your personal style. Save enough space for a few drinks and a sausage board, but don’t be afraid to add a few table decorations as this is an ideal spot in the house to incorporate natural elements.

Check out the coffee table we designed in this San Francisco Market Street apartment.

Natural sunlight

Curtains natural sunlight

One way to add natural refreshment to your modern home is to let in more sunlight. If your drapes or drapes are dark in color or are made of a heavier material, they can block valuable sunlight. For rooms that need a little more sun, use white curtains that give your space a modern finish while also letting the sun shine.

Check out the see-through curtains we used in the living room of this light-filled apartment redesign.


Marble countertops bathtub

Marble is one of our favorite materials to decorate as it gives any room a modern yet natural look. Adding marble tops in the kitchen or marble tops in the bathroom is a great way to give almost any room in your home an elegant yet natural finish.

For a bit of renovation inspiration, check out the marble bathroom from the Manhattan Brownstone we renovated.

Decorate with branches

Branches fall winter decorations

If you forget to water your houseplants but still want to include some natural elements, consider decorating with large branches. They are particularly suitable for the fall, fall and winter seasons.

Check out the branches we incorporated into Sag Harbor during this weekend getaway.


Geode bookends

If you want to include some geological elements without major marble remodeling, add some geodes. They can be placed as decorative pieces on a coffee table in the living room or used as more functional objects like bookends on a shelf or paperweights on a desk.

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