Wednesday , 11 January 2023
Modern Chandeliers

Modern Chandeliers

Linden chandelier

No matter which look you choose, a chandelier will be a welcome addition. Long an integral part of traditional dining rooms, there are now a multitude of contemporary designers who create chandeliers for every style and space in the home. A well-chosen chandelier can even bring competing styles together. Whether you’re trying to balance rustic and contemporary or French and contemporary, a chandelier is a great way to make a cohesive statement. Follow our guide to pick your home’s next statement.

Constance Guisset’s vertigo lamp

Konstanz Guisset vertigo lamp

The Vertigo lamp is the perfect addition to any home that is looking for a modern yet lively chandelier. The device is similar to a mobile phone, and because of its lightness, the device also looks like one due to small drafts.

Image via Petite Friture.

Jonathan Adler Sputnik chandelier

Jonathan Adler Sputnik New Jersey Home Office

This lamp by Jonathan Adler is exactly what you would expect from a designer: bright, colorful, fun and very modern. We placed it in a home office redesign in New Jersey to complement the contemporary, preppy and bold sensibility of our customers.

The linden chandelier

charles de lisle the future perfect linden

The brass lamp was designed by Charles de Lisle for The Future Perfect and is certainly not a traditional chandelier. This bold, geometric, and exquisite chandelier is a welcome addition to any ultra-modern home.

Picture perfect about the future.

Lindsay Adelman’s 9 Globe Branching Bubble

Lindsay Adelman Globe Branches Bubble Soho Duplex Renovation

Check out the Lindsay Adelman chandelier we installed on this SoHo duplex renovation to get something a little more subdued yet modern. The wine-like structure with bulbous lights is reminiscent of a branch and yet fits into a contemporary urban environment.

Odyssey 4

Odyssey 4 schoolhouse power supply

For a lamp with a rustic-modern feel, we recommend the Odyssey 4 Chandelier from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. The brass finish is sophisticated, while the exposed bulbs are an ode to more traditional lighting.

Image via Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co..

Bakalowits & Sons

bakalowits & sons

If you want to add a second chandelier to your home, consider adding one in the living room. This glittering, Art Deco inspired chandelier was the perfect addition to our brownstone redesign in Manhattan precisely because it spoke to more traditional and modern elements in the living room.

Apparatus Studio’s cloud

Cloud Apparat Studio

As one of our personal favorites, this playful, modern lamp is anything but sterile. And the milk glass balls put you in a good mood.

Image via Apparatus Studio.

Gino Sarfatti’s model 2097 for Flos

Gino Sarfatti model 2097 for Flos

For a more traditional light fixture, check out the two chandeliers we installed during this renovation of your Greenwich home. A large number of smaller light bulbs ensure even light distribution in the room, which creates a warm, inviting atmosphere in this modern house.

Jeff Zimmerman’s Vine

Jeff Zimmerman Vine

This sculptural chandelier designed by Jeff Zimmerman is a wonderful way to balance the modern and the natural. The hand-blown lightbulbs and brass structures are very contemporary, while the weave structure lives up to the namesake of this piece.