Tuesday , 12 September 2023
Modern Americana Interior Design

Modern Americana Interior Design

Tapestry with American flag

While Independence Day is an obvious time to display patriotism in your own home, it doesn’t mean the fanfare needs to be removed on July 5th. Below are examples of how you can keep Americana in your home (and in your heart) year round.

Country living room

Gingham armchair Americana country living room

Country living room by James McAdam Design

Americana houseboat

american flag house boat decor

Frederick and Mae’s houseboat docked at Rockaway Beach

Mixed Media Americana Art

USA shaped wall art

Mixed media wall art by Dolan Geiman

Americana Loft Style

american flag tapestry living room wall decoration

Loft by Carly Boettcher

Modern flag art

desperate american flag wall art

Magnifico Residence by B & G.

Vintage Americana accessories

Vintage Americana objects on the shelf

Tribute vignette to the service via California Home

USA bookshelf

Wood USA bookcase

USA Bookshelf by Andrei Saltykov via Dwell

White retro kitchen

all white retro kitchen

Classic cuisine from Marchi

Retro Americana kitchen

Wood paneling retro kitchen design

Another classic cuisine from Marchi

Flag artwork in the Interior Ministry

abstract american flag painting home office decor


Flag artwork in the bedroom

framed flag art over the bed

Amagansett bedroom

Oversized flag in the bedroom

oversized american flag decor bedroom design

The inn in Hastings Park

Retro America sign

Retro America Sign Industrial Bedroom Design

Lucy Call industrial bedroom shot

Americana decor in the entrance area

American flag hallway design

Industrial entry by Lucy Call