Luxury Bedrooms Interior Design

Luxury Bedrooms Interior Design

Luxury hotel Lima

Barranco, a coastal neighborhood in Lima, Peru, was once the hippest beach destination for 19th-century Limeño high society. Today it’s one of the most romantic and bohemian neighborhoods in the city, and the recently opened Arts Boutique Hotel B (or Hotel B) is in the center. The boutique hotel was once a private residence, built in 1914 and designed by French architect Claude Sahut as the second residence of a wealthy family.

The two-year transformation from a Belle Époque mansion into a modern luxury hotel was led by two big names in Peruvian design, architect David Mutal and interior designer Jordi Puig. The couple worked in the 1920s to restore the spirit of Lima with modern comfort and luxury. However, you don’t have to travel to Lima (though we won’t stop you!) To bring luxury to your bedroom. We are all looking for the hotel room at home and it is not difficult to manage. Here are some of our favorite ways to go to sleep every night and feel like a getaway.


Hotel Lima luxury hospitality design monochrome neutral interiors

Go monochrome. Hotels often stick to a monochromatic color scheme to really tie it all together. Everything in the Hotel B in Lima is kept in white and cream tones. However, if white is too boring for you, choose your favorite color. But don’t go too wild. We are looking for rest and relaxation! Image via Hotel B.

Fluffy white bed linen

Hotel Lima luxury all white beds hospitality design

Additional seats

white padded lounger

Hang your curtains sky high

earthy luxury hotel lima bedroom hospitality design

Wall bedside lamp

Nickel wall bedside lamp

Keep it simple

simple luxury hotel lima bedroom hospitality design

Winged tufted headboard

gray tufted upholstered headboard