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Favorite Leather Designs

Favorite Leather Designs

Leather coaster ideas

It’s no secret why today’s designers and designer lovers are drawn to the irresistible, timeless quality of leather. A staple of decor and clothing for centuries, this versatile material has been both beautiful to see and to feel. A durable and long lasting addition to any design. Like excellent jeans or a well-made oriental rug, leather gets better and better with age, its markings and signs of wear tell a story and only add to its innate charm. Modern and traditional at the same time, it is a natural material that gives warmth and texture to what adorns it.

From leather upholstered chairs to lamps decorated with leather cord, here are ten of our most popular contemporary leather-upholstered designs.


minimal armchair made of leather and steel

This beautifully simple leather armchair was made outside of Austin, Texas and is the result of a collaboration between metalworker Kelly DeWitt and the Canoe leather studio.


Leather shade pendant lamp

This pendant lamp by Anesthetic updates a classic design with a leather shade.


Coasters made of leather

These machined leather coasters from Commune are decorated with a simple, geometric design.

Asher Israelov

Leather and wooden chair

The Lincoln Chair by Asher Israelow is equipped with a leather interior that wraps around a black walnut frame with a hint of brass. Everything revolves around subtle, modern elegance.

Ferm Living

Leather mirror handle

This simple mirror from Ferm Living, made in collaboration with Søren Rose Studio, is both beautiful and useful.


printed leather carpet

Brit Kleinman’s Brooklyn-based Avo creates stunning, unique leather rugs with printed patterns.

Coil + drift

Dining chair made of leather and wood

The Soren chair from Coil + Drift designed by John Sorensen-Jolink combines modern geometry with an upholstered leather seat.

JT Kalmar

Table lamp made of leather and brass

This elegant brass lamp, designed by JT Kalmar, is fitted with a simple leather cord.


Leather ejection chair and ottoman

This leather sling chair by Slowood was developed in collaboration with Hawkins New York and uses elementary shapes for an absolutely timeless look.

Taylor Forrest

black leather armchair

Taylor Forrest’s modern version of the leather club chair combines saddle-quality leather with a steel frame construction.