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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen backsplash ideas 2019

Do you want to cost-effectively update your kitchen but don’t know where to start? The often overlooked rethinking of backsplash ideas in the kitchen is a great way for a quick room freshener that doesn’t break the bank. For inspiration, we illustrate the top kitchen backsplash trends of 2019, style by style, so that your kitchen backsplash becomes the focal point of one of your most frequently used rooms and scene spaces and a potential conversation starter.

Whether you’re looking for something chic and stylish, or something bold and unexpected, consider these kitchen backsplash ideas selected by our home renovation experts as the ultimate resource.

Sheet metal wall

Tin shaped kitchen backsplash

When it comes to unexpected kitchen backsplash ideas that are affordable and easy to install, sometimes it pays to think outside the box.

For a completely original look with a nod to vintage style, why not consider an forever chic sheet metal wall adorned with delicate details? What’s even better is that sheet metal walls are also easy to clean and maintain and can last for years.


Shiplap kitchen backsplash

When it comes to a white kitchen backsplash that is a far cry from traditional white tile, inexpensive shiplap has recently become a viable option thanks to its minimal look and sleek look.

And when it comes to unique kitchen backsplash ideas that no one else will have before you, our home renovation experts were quick to point to a kitchen shiplap kitchen backsplash as the smart direction.

Accent wall kitchen backsplash

Accent wall kitchen backsplash

Perhaps you don’t need a kitchen backsplash that implements the parameters of your entire kitchen. So how about an accent wall in a key area, like behind your stove?

This allows you to experiment with ideas and materials for the kitchen backsplash, from wallpaper to tiles to shiplap. The possibilities are endless and you can also make the visual game stand out on a small part of a wall.

Mirrored tile

mirrored tile kitchen backsplash

Mirrored tiles make for unique and glamorous backsplash ideas for the kitchen as they reflect the light, add depth, and generally make the room look bigger and grandiose.

As an added bonus, you can check your look during the conversation. Cleaning only takes a few minutes.

Unique tile shapes

uniquely shaped tile kitchen backsplash

Use uniquely shaped tiles when examining kitchen backsplash ideas for a completely original statement. Shapes that deviate from common squares and rectangles are a great option to make your kitchen backsplash unique to your home.

Molded backsplash

shaped kitchen backsplash

If you don’t cook often and still want the space to feel complete and well-assessed, molded panels are a striking alternative to backsplash tiles as they offer a completely different look and feel.

If you don’t use your kitchen often, who says your kitchen backsplash has to obey all the rules? However, keep the resale potential in mind if you plan to move in the near future as the look is stunning and inconvenient for everyday use.

A brilliant mural

nautical wall tiles kitchen backsplash

Have a skilled craftsman hand-paint an impressive mural depicting an idyllic scene that will add value to your property and mesmerize you and guests with its tranquil beauty.

And while this isn’t an option if you’re planning on kitchen backsplash ideas on a budget, a custom painted backsplash mural will pay off in the long run. However, we recommend avoiding designs that are too common, themed, or busy as they age quickly and you’ll be tired and uninspired in no time.

Penny tiles

Penny tile kitchen backsplash

Penny Kitchen backsplash ideas are always popular and easy to source and install. They’re great for potential resale value and for those who don’t want to update their kitchen backsplash every few years.

As for the backsplash trends in the kitchen, penny tile is likely number one, and our interior designers see no signs of this weakening anytime soon.

Beveled white tiles

white beveled subway tile kitchen backsplash

Beveled tiles are often referred to as subway tiles (since rectangular tiles don’t negate normal tiles). Beveled edges can transform an otherwise plain white tile into something more defined and attractive. So you can create a retro style kitchen backsplash while keeping the look sleek and stylish. Use them to create an enviable all-white kitchen, or as a neutral contrast to light or dark kitchen units.

Plus, they will never go out of style and are one of the best options if you are looking to resell your home in the future.

Hexagonal mosaic tiles

hexagonal kitchen recess

There is something about the geometry of a hexagonal tile that always makes a room look fresh and unique, and the same goes for hexagonal mosaic tile. You can mix and match colors if you have a simple kitchen (for example, an all-white one). You can only choose one color if you want to introduce texture.

You can also contrast white mosaic tiles with dark grout for a memorable effect while making your kitchen backsplash a major feature. Hexagonal tiles add a fascinating graphic effect to even the sparse kitchens, and are also easy to source and inexpensive. 

Blue and white tiles

blue and white kitchen backsplash

Pretty, timeless and intricate – a backsplash tile in a pretty chinoiserie or Moroccan-inspired blue and white pattern can add a rich and exotic touch to any kitchen, even a normal white kitchen. If you want to introduce color into your kitchen but want to stick to one color and pattern, printed blue and white tiles are the most subtle way to do it.

A lively blue and white scene gives your kitchen a traditional feel as well as a vintage look – depending on how you style it throughout the room.

Herringbone pattern

Herringbone kitchen backsplash

Arranging your tiles in a herringbone pattern will instantly make a kitchen look better, even if it’s just a simple kitchen design, as the tiles instantly add more depth and visual interest.

Use dark grout to highlight the herringbone pattern and draw attention to the unique layout of your kitchen tile. Herringbone tiles also go well with Art Deco and minimal design styles as they are subtle enough to make a calm rather than arrogant statement.  

Light yellow tiles

yellow kitchen setback

It is a joy to see the calming effects of a soft, muted yellow on the eye and how cozy and soothing your kitchen backsplash makes the room feel. Light yellow tiles look stunning in a French style kitchen. Make him feel bright and relaxed.

The kitchen backsplash trends for 2019 bring a slight retro feel that should be modernized with sleek cabinetry and art deco to keep the look contemporary.

Moroccan tiles

Moroccan cuisine backsplash

Moroccan tiles instantly add a touch of color, print, and vibrancy to any kitchen design and are brilliant at adding a special touch to an otherwise plain, everyday kitchen. You can use Moroccan tiles in an endless variety of colors and patterns to effortlessly create an individual feel in your kitchen.

A Moroccan kitchen backsplash always looks intricate and visually interesting, adding personality and the feeling that it was found in a distant exotic location, especially if a white kitchen backsplash is not for you.

stainless steel

Kitchen backsplash ideas made of stainless steel

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen cooking a storm then you probably understand how much mess cooking can create and how tedious it can be to regularly clean your kitchen backsplash. If you’re short on time with daily cleaning or worried about bacteria, a stainless steel backsplash is a smart option.

A stainless steel backsplash is affordable, easy to install, and super easy to clean as there is nowhere to hide. Because the style has been borrowed from the world of professional gourmet chefs, your stainless steel kitchen will instantly look elevated in a way that a backsplash tile doesn’t. Just make sure you look for proper cleaning methods as stainless steel can get scratched and streaked if improperly maintained.

Glossy black tiles

glazed black kitchen backsplash

Glossy black tiles look great with contrasting white grout to really make them pop. They go well with gray kitchen cabinets as well as white kitchen units. You can also hang stainless steel pots and pans in front of a glossy black kitchen splashback to highlight your collection of treasured cookware.

Black tile is forever chic, on-trend, and somehow still unexpected enough to make your kitchen look like it was straight out of a venerable Shelter magazine.

Marble with gold veins

unique backsplash from marble kitchen

If you want to add some essential everyday glamor to your kitchen, a gold-veined marble kitchen backsplash is a luxurious option. Marble is luxurious in itself, but once you start seeing veins of gold it only adds to the lavish feeling.

Keep in mind, however, that marble can be expensive and difficult to maintain, especially if you need a lot of it for everyday use. So if you’re thinking of kitchen backsplash ideas on a budget, look for man-made alternatives that still offer some visual packaging for a nifty punch.

Harlequin tiles

Harlequin kitchen backsplash

For a backsplash tile design that will stand out from any other home in the neighborhood, consider a harlequin tile design. They look great in a black and white pattern. However, if you want to add extra color in a tasteful dose, choose tiles in three or four different colors and arrange them in a pattern that feels unique to you and your kitchen.

If you want to keep it simple, you can also pick two colors and alternate them in rows. Warm colors make your kitchen feel cozy and less used than traditional black and white.

White marble  

White marble kitchen backsplash ideas

White marble is a savvy and elevated step up from a regular white kitchen backsplash. It’s forever on trend and will add a luxurious finish to your kitchen.

White marble is also one of the best kitchen backsplash ideas if you have kitchen cabinets in a bold color (e.g. gray or green, as pictured above), as it can tone down even the loudest color hits with subtle, everyday elegance.

Gray subway tiles  

gray subway tile kitchen backsplash

Gray subway tiles are still very stylish and a great alternative to traditional white versions, although they continue to surpass kitchen backsplash trends. Light gray tinted tiles look great paired with dark grout, and darker tiles can be combined with white grout to get the contrast and visual play required.

A gray backsplash tile for kitchens with subway tiles also goes well with white kitchens, especially when paired with similarly colored appliances.


classic kitchen backsplash ideas 2019

The suggestion to use wallpaper for your kitchen backsplash may seem surprising at first, but take us with you … Thanks to innovative new processes, you can now easily find stylish Teflon-coated wallpaper that is relatively inexpensive. This allows you to introduce gorgeous colors and patterns in even the smallest of doses with a unique wallpaper that will make your kitchen sing while it always looks fresh (no more grout to manage).

Thanks to the Teflon coating, your wallpaper is non-stick and easy to clean. This makes the wallpaper a great way to liven up your kitchen backsplash ideas with something endlessly inspiring and fun. Best of all, the Teflon coating is now available for even more designs.

Gray marble

Backsplash from gray marble kitchen

If you love marble but want something more masculine than white or gold-veined marble, consider a more atmospheric gray for your kitchen backsplash. This will endow your kitchen with the very best that marble has to offer and the color will add a strong shrinking feel to your kitchen, especially when it’s minimal.

Gray marble goes great with white and light gray kitchen units. However, if you have a kitchen with lots of natural light, dark gray or black kitchen units can add drama to the drama for an endlessly elegant effect.

Scalloped tiles  

scalloped kitchen backsplash

Scalloped tiles are sure to add a fun touch to your kitchen thanks to their curved silhouette, as using unexpected shapes to create a chic backsplash tile design for the kitchen helps make the area feel unique and full of personality.

Scalloped tiles are inexpensively available in an endless variety of colors, from standard white to pink, blue, green to black. We love these tiffany blue models that stand next to a sand colored grout on top for added depth and originality.

Brick tiles

Backsplash from brick kitchens

If you’re a fan of industrial décor, a brick kitchen backsplash will only serve to set your design direction. Their timeless appearance makes them all the more convincing, they are also easy to clean and inexpensive to find.

And since they have a trompe l’oeil effect, your guests have no idea that these are just plain tiles. That said, we love how the brick kitchen backsplash shown here has a metallic finish to make the look look more expensive and streamlined. Make them a go-to place for perfecting a backsplash tile function in the kitchen with a fun industrial feel.

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