Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

modern kitchen cabinets ideas

Are you planning to update your kitchen this year but don’t know where to start? If so, we are looking for the best modern kitchen cabinets to keep you inspired with serious style.

With kitchen upgrades in mind, Décor Aid interior designers have compiled a list of the best modern kitchen cabinets so that you can freshen up your kitchen with confidence. From marble to natural wood to stainless steel, you will soon have a life-enhancing kitchen design that is well worth your investment and time for years to come. After all, it’s one of your most frequently used rooms. So why not make the most of it?

Charcoal kitchen cabinets

gray modern kitchen cabinets ideas

Charcoal is deeper and more seductive than a normal light gray and makes for an unexpected yet timeless interpretation of modern kitchen cabinet colors. Although gray is usually considered a more calming color, charcoal has a great deal of warmth and depth that other shades of gray don’t have. It looks great on sleek, minimal kitchen cabinets and shaker-style cabinets. Go all gray with a gray backsplash or choose some bright white tiles to highlight the gray.

Charcoal is a surprisingly flexible color that also pairs well with pink, yellow, green, and blue. And of course, it’s the perfect color to complement a thoroughly minimalist home thanks to its beautiful shade. That said, it can make smaller kitchens feel closed. So make sure your kitchen gets plenty of natural daylight to make it feel as big as possible.


  • Because gray is an easy-to-use neutral with a timeless appeal; It’s easy to make your own way. Combine charcoal with any kind of countertop as long as it is durable.


  • They can make a room feel darker. So complete the look with bright, light-flooded elements.

Rich natural wood

Wood modern kitchen cabinets ideas

Modern kitchen cabinets made of colorful natural wood are forever timeless and are ideal for reselling your home. They give your kitchen a moody yet calming feeling without being intrusive and show a radiant patina with age. The natural stripes in the wood also give modern kitchen cabinets an organic, unique feel that no synthetic manufacturing can offer. Use the rich colors and variations with as much natural light as possible in your kitchen.

Modern kitchen cabinet ideas made of natural wood are also ideal for marble surfaces and high-gloss stainless steel appliances. And because they are so timelessly appealing, they also go well with almost any design style and never look out of date.


  • You can’t go wrong with natural wood.
  • Because they are so popular, kitchen cabinets made from natural wood are common and can be offered at reasonable prices.


  • You need to make sure that you keep her finish.

Blue and white

blue modern kitchen cabinets ideas

A striking mix of blue and white in a kitchen gives you a wonderfully cool, modern feel and will never feel out of date. White cabinets and dark blue tiles or dark blue kitchen cabinets with beautiful light marble make for a light and airy kitchen cabinet design.

Combine a blue and white kitchen with copper accessories and many metallic extras for a modern kitchen that will be trendy in the years to come. Blue is also an alternative to black or gray and brings with it a radiant energy.


  • Another instant classic with unlimited appeal.
  • Choose a less specific shade of blue to make sure the look stands up to any trend.


  • You can tire the combo faster than expected.

Black and white

best modern kitchen cabinets ideas

Black kitchen cabinets ensure an atmospheric and chic kitchen, paired with a white marble top; Your kitchen will immediately feel like it has more depth and a serious sense of poise. Choose black kitchen cabinets with minimal handles so that they don’t disturb the calm feel of a sleek black.

In combination with white marble, black kitchen cabinets create a beautifully modern kitchen with a touch of nature – a breathtaking contrast in your room. Even better if the finish is matte black and has a calming feeling that can be combined well with almost any color or design style.



  • You will need to clean regularly to prevent dirt from building up in the area of ​​use.

Marble on marble

Ideas for modern marble kitchen cabinets

Marble is a wonderful investment and addition to any kitchen – whether you introduce the material through a stunning marble top, marble floor, or marble kitchen island. Modern kitchen cabinets in combination with marble immediately give a kitchen a feeling of everyday glamor.

Choose a kitchen cabinet color that matches the type and color of marble you are considering to complete the look. Gray, charcoal and white are fail-safe colors for marble, while a dark blue will highlight your modern kitchen cabinet design with a distinctive charm while creating a memorable eye-catching contrast.


  • You can’t go wrong with a beautiful and durable material like marble in a kitchen.


  • Can be expensive.
  • May require more maintenance than other finishing materials.

White on white

white modern kitchen cabinets ideas

It’s no surprise that white kitchen cabinets are likely to spring to mind immediately when you think of the most modern design of kitchen cabinets. White kitchen cabinets, white countertops, white floors and white tiles all combine to create a sleek, modern kitchen that is light and airy.

A high-gloss finish on your kitchen cabinets opens up your kitchen and reflects as much natural light as possible. A matte finish on your modern kitchen cabinets creates a more traditional feel while still looking completely timeless. And again, when it comes to a home’s resale value, you can’t go wrong with an all-white kitchen. The only thing to keep in mind here is that an all white kitchen highlights everyday stains and spills, which makes cleaning time all the more important.


  • A completely white kitchen will always feel modern and never go out of style.
  • A white kitchen acts as a blank canvas to help you determine any design direction you are considering, from mid-century modern to the max.


  • It can be difficult to keep clean as everyday use highlights spills and stains.

stainless steel

metallic modern kitchen cabinets ideas

You may think that stainless steel kitchen cabinets only belong in an industrial or professional kitchen, but as the durable material gets closer to your home, they leave industrial spaces and our interior designers see more and more of them in private homes. These types of modern kitchen cabinets add an industrial touch to your kitchen. So if you love a chic industrial vibe, they are perfect for your home.

They are also an interesting alternative to standard gray cabinets and are not seen often – perfect for a unique feeling in your home. The special thing about a kitchen clad in stainless steel is that it can appear cold and sterile. So make sure you equip your kitchen with accessories that add the necessary warmth, such as: B. a structured carpet and delicate works of art and sculptural elements.


  • Stainless steel materials will always have a modern look.
  • Steel is also great for preventing bacteria and other harmful elements.


  • It can be difficult to stay clean and streak-free.
  • May feel cold to the touch as well as feeling.

A matte gray shaker style

Ideas for matt gray modern kitchen cabinets

Shaker kitchen cabinets are back in style thanks to their infinitely charming appeal. Their simple but traditional design has been popular for decades and for good reason. The simplified shape of the Shaker cabinet doors breaks open a kitchen and at the same time creates a decidedly intimate feeling.

The kitchen is a great place to add some texture, and this simple fix is ​​a brilliant way to create your own calming environment. Shaker-style kitchen cabinets look great in atmospheric deep gray. The style works wonderfully with a darker color palette for kitchen colors.


  • Shaker-style kitchen cabinets offer a chameleon-like quality that you can style however you want.
  • Because they are so timeless, shaker-style cabinets are common and can be started inexpensively.


  • You will need to clean them regularly to prevent dirt from building up in the area of ​​use.

Dark wood and chrome

Ideas for modern kitchen cabinets made of wood

It is possible for dark wood kitchen cabinets to look a little austere and finish off your kitchen area with a dark color. Pair this with bright chrome finishes to ward off the darkness and let the light in.

A glossy chrome finish here and there will make a huge difference and keep your kitchen updated and brighter. Choose elongated kitchen cabinet handles for maximum impact. And bring colorful kitchen accessories and necessities to liven up the look in style.


  • The combo is another timeless take on kitchen cabinet ideas that are universally appealing.
  • Can be inexpensive and easy to maintain.


  • Chrome surfaces can be expensive and difficult to keep clean.

All Black

black modern kitchen cabinets ideas

When you think of modern kitchen cabinets, colors that come to mind are usually white and gray. Resist the trend with all black kitchen cabinets with a matte finish paired with a black worktop. A striking matt finish keeps the look infinitely elegant and the combination of your cabinets with modern, square handles made of brushed steel only adds to the attractiveness of modern kitchen cabinet ideas.

Make sure the kitchen area stays light by balancing the black with white walls and a lighter floor. And bring reflective materials to capture and move light in your kitchen.


  • Again, a black kitchen goes well with everything, just like a pure white one.
  • Helps hide everyday wear and tear, stains, and spills.


  • Can make your kitchen feel dark, closed, and ultimately smaller.
  • Can make reselling difficult without color refreshment.

Glass cabinets

Glass modern kitchen cabinets ideas

Open your kitchen with stylish kitchen cabinets with glass fronts that let in as much natural light as possible while keeping your space minimalist. Team kitchen cabinets with glass fronts and stainless steel appliances create an elegant, modern and minimalist look.

In flaunting the contents of your kitchen cabinets, you are encouraged to keep them clean and tidy and not fill them with an undue amount of things that you really don’t need. All-glass furniture is the pinnacle of everyday elegance and you won’t be inspired by it any more in the near future.


  • Kitchen cabinets with a glass front always give off a special, individual feeling.
  • They reflect light effortlessly, which is helpful in a darker kitchen, and are great for displaying items that you admire.
  • Smarter alternative to opening shelves as they protect items from dust and grease.
  • Adding lights to your glass cabinets will make your kitchen even brighter and highlight the inside.
  • With kitchen cabinets with a glass front, you can also add a design element to the cabinets – for example, a decorative graphic wallpaper or an accent color on the back.


  • Whatever is inside is freely visible so you need to keep your shelves organized and tidy. Therefore, glass fronts are only suitable for a handful of cabinets, so you can put your best pieces in them. or you can opt for a matte finish.
  • Make sure the glass is of excellent durability. for safety reasons.
  • They can be more expensive.

Modern wood

Ideas for modern kitchen cabinets made from paneled wood

Wooden cabinets used to be an old-fashioned idea, but thanks to interesting surfaces and unexpected juxtapositions, they don’t have to. Kitchen cabinets with a dark wood finish can be as sleek and modern as you like. Choose a kitchen cabinet style with no handles to make your kitchen cabinets feel as sleek and sleek as possible.

If you have modern wood cabinets upstairs and some matt white kitchen cabinets downstairs, the design breaks up and prevents the wood surface from taking up your space. Plus, thanks to their stunning simplicity, they will never go out of style.


  • Will remain in fashion for years to come.
  • Classic and goes well with almost everything.


  • May require more care and maintenance.

Bolshy Blue

blue modern kitchen cabinets ideas

Dark blue kitchen cabinets are all the rage right now, which is a welcome departure from the white and gray cabinets we’ve seen lately. Add a little color to your kitchen with some Shaker style cabinets in a deep, seductive blue – along with white and gray marble, these kitchen cabinets will bring your kitchen space to life.


  • Goes well with every furnishing style and almost every color and finish.
  • Gives your kitchen a unique, individual feeling.


  • Because it’s a specific color, it can be more difficult to justify when looking to sell your home.

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