Bedroom Decoration

Bedroom Decoration

Your bedroom should be attractive and soothing in its atmosphere. A slumber or a messy bedroom gives no good impression. The color of the walls and windows can serve as a backdrop for the decoration you have in mind for your room. You can match the curtains, bed linen, lamp shades, rugs, pillow cases and furniture to get an integrated look. If you like light decor mix and match the accessories to get a bright and vibrant eclectic decor.

Color Scheme

The preferred color scheme for the bedroom now-a-days is green and its countless nuances. The darker greens are paired with brown to get the feel of the forest and give a sense of down-to-earth coolness to the interior. Coin and lime green are the lighter shades of the spectrum used to create a happy atmosphere. The other colors are the cool blues and the beautiful pinks. The warmer shades such as red and deep orange are used as accent colors against a rear drop of white or gray to create a striking visual impact.


Light plays an important role in bringing in the beauty of any interior. In one bedroom the lighting also helps to create a cozy atmosphere. If the room is large, use chandeliers to give it a classic look. Otherwise, hanging candles can do the trick. Accent light to mark which art or paintings can be used on the display. Bedside lamps or floor lamps can be used as work lights to light corners or niches in the bedroom.

Curtains and rugs

Instead of carpets, carpets put in place more life and comfort to the bedroom. They are available in vibrant colors and allow cheerfulness to the room. Heavy curtains add a classic atmosphere while the light makes the room look airy.