Unique Bathroom Vanities

Unique Bathroom Vanities

Looking for unique bathroom bins? Or do you want to make your average stylish vanity unique? Honestly, why spend more money buying new ones when you can convert those you already have to unique instead. The following are some ways in which you can transform your bathroom furniture and make them a unique bathroom compartment.

Paint it

Whether it is teal or black, you can easily paint your bathroom bins in any color you want to make them stand out. You don't have to spend too much or exercise much effort. Just pick up a bath of paint, paint and brush and start working.


Wall mounted vanities are rising due to the modern feel they radiate and the illusion of floating. Keeping your unique bathroom bins from the floor also helps to give your bathroom a much more spacious look and feel.


Honestly, you can do this with any old shabby dresser. A modern, rustic look in the bathroom is as unique as it gets. If you do not own one, you can easily find quite cheap vintage dressers from the local furniture store or in a garage sale.


Fear of wall-mounted sinks is over. Pedestal swings are back in fashion. If you boast a large bathroom with a lot of floor space, you are welcome to invest in a pedestal pocket and give your bathroom the much-anticipated vintage layer you always wanted.