Interior Design Styleurban Modern Decor

Interior Design Styleurban Modern Decor

urban modern furnishing style

The urban modern design style is perfect for discerning city dwellers and the ultimate in cosmopolitan living. With allusions to contemporary, modern and industrial influences, this upscale design style stands for itself. Always trending thanks to the enviable emphasis on comfort and glamorous city life – also a clever route to create your own oasis in the city.

This decorative style is also great for an industrial loft or modern apartment with a view of the city rooftops. Think light and airy spaces that take full advantage of the architectural drama with visionary furniture and sumptuous decor. To illustrate our take on the urban modern décor style, we provide a comprehensive guide that breaks down the design style using the advice of our decorators and their projects.

Soften it up

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The spirited urban modern interior design is essentially contemporary and industrial, but not as aggressive as a completely ultra-modern or decidedly industrial design. Urban modern decor often has a softer side; From warmer tones to sophisticated furniture to relaxed upholstered furniture, urban interiors place equal emphasis on comfort and brilliant design.

Opt for unique and free design styles to bring together a space with a cosmopolitan influence while keeping it warm and inviting, with minimal features being mitigated by soft fabrics and carpets. This is a trusted way to make your home more playful, unique and exhilarating that ultra-modern and industrial designs are limited to.

Soothing tones and shades

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Urban modern style is all about creating a calming and calm, but beautifully decorated home that offers a lived sense of charm for everyday life. Using neutrals and introducing warm tones will make you feel at home and be inspired to get the most out of your urban modern design direction.

Paint a wall, recess, or alcove a warm and inviting color to avoid feeling otherwise like an overly industrial space. This design is modern in spirit through and through, and neutrals are an essential way to ground and tie everything together.

Play with Scale

urban modern decoration style

Playing with the scale is a quick way to introduce interesting elements into modern urban decor without having to use a ton of different, mismatched notes. Bright tones can create industrial, urban vibes – but you still need a way to please the eye and keep your design alive.

This is where playing with the scale comes in. Introduce oversized pieces paired with the dainty, such as B. Lighting or art for nuanced contrasts. ONPlay around with rich mixes and experiment to make sure your take on the city’s modern interior design feels exclusive to you.

Home textiles

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No urban modern bedroom or urban modern living room would be complete without comfortable furnishings to soften and complete the look. Think carpets made from natural materials in warm tones over white, gray or wooden floors. Select off-white throws and pillows to place on your sofa (in shades of brown, cream, and gray) to incorporate more industrial concepts and elements for urban interior design.

Choose extras like dainty stools and side chairs in deep hues like green and blue for extra pops of color and a sense of adult luxury in your space. Another way to add a higher feel to any room is to add metal tones like gold and bronze, as well as, of course, mirrors throughout your home.

Urban modern accessories

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Introduce plants and plants for a touch of organic and nature mixed with modern city decor to keep the entire space bright and refreshing. This also provides an inexpensive way to bring in paint if you haven’t already.

While you don’t want your space to appear as a minimal boneless space, keep accessories to a minimum while focusing on contemporary design that offers personality and charm in small doses. Make sure that the decorative objects you display are functional, functional and make beautiful additions to complete your hand in mastering urban modern style.

Subtle continuity

Tips for interior design of urban modern decor

You don’t want every room to look the same, but you want there to be some degree of continuity between the rooms so that they flow nicely rather than appear disjointed. A clever and subtle way to create consistency between the rooms in your home is to use a common color in your modern urban home to connect everything together.

This could be the color of your walls, the color of your furniture, or it could come through a selection of free fabrications. If you don’t want to be obvious with matching colors throughout, use a pattern or texture in the same way. This is a great way to create a common ground between spaces to harmonize modern city interior design ideas.

Make statements

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Making a clear statement is key to adding personality to urban modern style. Every room should have at least one statement; whether it is a work of art, furniture with a strong pattern or a lively color or fascinating lighting. That said, a statement doesn’t have to be ostentatious as long as your room has an interesting element that makes it unique. You make a statement sufficiently well.

You want your design to have something to talk about, and that might as well be a floor-to-ceiling window framed by a lovely pair of curtains, a stunning piece of abstract art, or an amazing vintage find full of character.

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