Interior Design Stylebohemian Style Interior Design

Interior Design Stylebohemian Style Interior Design

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We bet you’ve come across bohemian design at some point. It’s a bright, patterned, multicultural mix of memorable layers and elements that simply cannot be overlooked or forgotten because of their uniqueness. The word “bohemian” refers to someone who is socially unconventional and often engages in art. This makes it a great option for decorating a lavish and intoxicating space full of visual interests and a relaxed mind. But what makes the bohemian style so distinctive and sustainable, and how do you get the right look in your home without appearing stubborn?

As we continue our Design Style series and break down the essentials of various movements to consider for your home, we look for proven ways to create your own perfectly curated bohemian style space with advice from D├ęcor Aid designers.

Simple base

simple bohemian style furnishing ideas

Start with a simple base color for each bohemian style room to create a solid foundation. Warm and earthy tones make the perfect canvas. Going on a neutral base allows you to stack bold colors and patterns for the perfect blend without being painfully overbearing and loud.

Saturate neutral tones with color by keeping the base tone muted for a harmonious, calming oasis with modern bohemian decor. If you go for a light base tone, it might be too rich and you will get bored quickly with a slightly messy starting point. When it comes to longevity, a neutral color palette always makes sense.


Plant ideas in bohemian style

Botanicals go perfectly with the bohemian style, as plants are an affordable and easy-to-source way to create a relaxed atmosphere and add dimension to a room. Plants also do the double job of purifying air while adding a pop of color without compromising the rest of your design too much and without confusing the eye.

Hanging plants are also an excellent bohemian addition to any bohemian room, and a lovely and fun way to add interest and depth. Get creative with planters and think of those with personality and great design.

From a simple woven hanging basket to something more ornate and sculptural, a variety of different plants in different scales are an effective way to bring your bohemian style to life.

Plays on patterns

bohemian style interior design textiles

Overlaying similar patterns has to be one of the easiest and cheapest ways to master the bohemian style and add a decadent touch to any area. From contrasting patterned carpets to colorful pillows and throws, injecting different patterns is key here.

Have fun mixing and contrasting different patterns, shapes, scales and styles to easily create a lush bohemian vibe. However, keep a consistent color theme running throughout to ensure consistency and avoid feeling disjointed.

Pick a selection of shades that you can come back to over and over and showcase with all your elements – especially darker, more luxurious colors like burgundy, emerald green, or a deep purple.

Low-lying furniture

Bohemian style furniture

This may sound strange, but the closer you are to the ground, the closer you are to creating an authentic bohemian-style home. Think of low-back sofas dotted with lots of comfy plush pillows and adjacent ottomans for extra seating.

And when thinking about floor seating, consider using a comfortable rug as a starting point with pillows of different sizes and styles to ensure comfort. Scour local antique shops and markets (which are great for eclectic decorating ideas on a budget) for comfortable, worn, and popular furniture to create a sleek, bohemian-style living room that’s perfect for entertaining.

Go for desperate finds

Vintage inspired bohemian style interior design

Materials and furniture should look like they had a life before they came to your home for added charm, because the bohemian style is all about popular pieces that look like they were from someone far away Market based in an exotic area.

Choose pieces that seem to have a personal story (even if you picked them up at a local sale and have no idea where they came from). The more seductive the bohemian design feels, the better – even in the smallest of spaces.

Be afraid of minimalism

Bohemian style bedroom design

There’s more to bohemian decor as this design style isn’t about empty spaces and empty spaces – the look is all about indulgent maximalism. That said, keep your bohemian living room decor full of curated finds, but for a bohemian-style bedroom, our designers recommend a stripped down option.

Add personality to your bohemian home and make sure everything you love and have collected over the years is featured prominently. The bohemian style is all about layering jewelry and treasures to tell a story. However, make sure you have enough surface and wall space to highlight decor and display artwork.

However, the bohemian home decor should not evoke any resemblance to a hoarder’s apartment. Everything should have space and purpose, but you don’t have to be rigid with placement.

Bright colors

Interior design of the apartment in the bohemian style

When we think of bohemian decor, light colors and bold hues often come to mind. From pinks to purples to oranges and greens – the bolder the better when it comes to luxurious bohemian interior design.

Jewel tones are especially good for bohemian decor, and the deep, luxurious tones instantly make a room feel comfortable in ways that only apply to bohemian home decor. Consider sourcing a deep-toned Moroccan bed for a bohemian-style bedroom decor and contrast it with light-colored bedding for a bohemian-style bedroom decor that sings.

Metallics and mirrors

Mirror ideas in bohemian style

Metallic and mirrored surfaces are hallmarks of bohemian interior design, especially to make a modern bohemian living room appear brighter and larger. Metallics and mirrors give your room a special accent in addition to everyday glamor.

How about a DIY challenge trying to make your own tiled mirror and decorative extras? Moroccan design lanterns and lights are sure to add an interesting bohemian-style focus. When they hang low, they also add comfort and visual interest to your bohemian decor.


Bohemian style decoration ideas for the home

Apply decorative decorative items and textiles in a bohemian style. Whether carpets, pillows or throws – in the bohemian style everything revolves around layers. Layer one, two, or even three rugs in different styles and patterns for a rich statement. Layers of pillows and throws also perfectly accentuate the relaxed atmosphere of the bohemian style.

Layering is also a great way to hide furniture that may not be in the best condition, as you can cover it with multiple textiles for a clever, stylish, and textured bohemian decor. The bohemian decor should show more on a second, third, and even fourth look than the first, as the overlaying of colors, textures, and patterns is sure to create a playful visual impact.

Furnish artistically

artistic bohemian decor

Again, accessories should create the impression that you’ve traveled a long way (even if you aren’t). Artistic accessories add further interest to your cozy rooms and ensure cultivated topics of conversation. Go boldly with artistic pieces that stand out and are less than ordinary.

If you haven’t been blessed with the luxury of having traveled the world collecting trinkets and souvenirs from all over the world, take a trip to the local antique shop and shop for some interesting treasures.

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