Interior Design Stylefrench Country Style Decor

Interior Design Stylefrench Country Style Decor

French country decor interior design

Although the French country style has lost popularity in recent years; It’s interesting to rethink the design style for the here and now by replacing it with ultra-modern designs with abstract lines and bright pops of color. And since we believe it is time for the French country decor to make a comeback due to its charming feel and warm spirit, there is something to be said if you break the norm and settle for the French in your home Decide country style. From the more traditional atmosphere to a more modern interpretation of the French country decor, there is something for every home, with a simple style that is timeless and at the same time exudes lived luxury.

As part of our Design Style series, we reached out to the interior designers at Décor Aid to help you create the ultimate French country decor guide that breaks everything you need to know, breaking down the perfect French country style with ease. Create look.

Color schemes

French country decor color palette ideas

Color schemes for this style exude warmth and subtlety. You want the palette to be the exact opposite of the ultra-modern, minimal hues of recent times. Choose warm neutrals with a relaxed and inviting feel as this look is all about being cozy and comfortable with a sophisticated twist.

When you step into French country houses, you are sure to find that you immediately feel comfortable in your surroundings. This is perhaps the most enduring feature of French country house design, and why it feels so right right now.

Dominant hues should be neutral and bring an element of history into your home – think of antique white surfaces and worn patinas, as well as crisp, powdery pastels, various shades of gray and muted green like a muddy olive and pale sage.

Furniture by room

An essential element of French country style furniture is sluggish, relaxed lines and silhouettes, characterized by natural materials and a lively feel. Popular furniture with a distressed finish goes perfectly with this decorating style, as it doesn’t have to be ostentatious but should be simple and rustic, with a touch of ornament.

Introduce wood and natural furniture and contrast neutrally tinted walls with darker pieces of furniture for an atmospheric juxtaposition and additional visual interest. To help you get started, here is a breakdown of all the important information from room to room:


French country decor wall ideas

For an authentic French country bath, bring the curved lines of a vintage-inspired claw-foot tub to a neutral tile or stone floor. Add elegance and character with pretty cast iron accessories that stand next to a naturally woven bath mat and crisp, crisp white towels.


French country decor inspiration for bedrooms

No country French bedroom is complete without a dramatic four-poster bed – when you can get one and its size works in your favor. Opt for dark woods and an ornate nightstand to bring it all together.

And if your bedroom has hardwood floors, you can create contrasts with simple but refreshing cream or white linens and split them up with natural wool, linen or cotton carpets in neutral tones for extra texture, luxury and softness.

dining room

French country decor decoration advice

As with any style, the main focal point of a French country dining room is often a large, dramatic dining table. For a more casual approach to French country style, choose a low-gloss table to highlight the relaxed and whimsical design styles.

For a more luxurious twist, choose a glossy dark wood finish and pair it with curved occasional chairs with intricately carved and gilded details, finished with unexpected, sturdy upholstery.


French country decor living room inspiration

The French country kitchen décor prides itself on the process of cooking, with cookware and eating utensils in the foreground. If you have space, consider a nice glass cabinet to display plates and dishes as decorative elements.

Use light cream tones, copper accents, and gem-colored accessories for a rich, celebratory atmosphere.

living room

French country decor living room accessories

A French country living room should always come up with upholstery games, a juxtaposition of furniture and unusual extras – even if everything is comfortable and classy. The space above is a perfect example of this as each piece looks like its chalk is full of intriguing personal history that all add up to an extremely chic yet simple common space that we never want to leave.

For an alternative twist on modern French country décor, choose a mix of tonal hues and micro-patterns for a warm, minimal direction that you can easily change. And since tOil curtains are often a requirement in French country house style and look stunning against a neutral backdrop. They are a great option.


French country decor kitchens

Natural materials are often used in French country-style homes, from hardwood floors and exposed wooden beams to woven seating in rattan cafes and cotton carpets. Use common natural materials to create a varied, nuanced interpretation of French country house design that will be exclusive to you.

Natural stone and marble surfaces and floors look just as bright in French country kitchens as brass accents and reflective surfaces.


French country decor furniture

If French country decor evokes the traditional and familiar, avoiding too many pieces that look fresh from a showroom – they should look like they lived well and were loved in quaint French country houses over time.

Antique furniture works well for this, or take a modern French country style with a relaxed but polished shabby chic feel where dTreated surfaces and natural stains also work well.


French country decor

Toile (usually a fabric with a floral pattern) is great for home textiles and is also great for curtains, sofas, pillows and armchairs. If your French country decor lends itself to something more luxurious, upholster a sofa and have pillowcases made from a matching toilet fabric. If that was too much for your French country living room approach, save it for pillows and throws.

French country houses would not be complete without traditional decorations that round off a room. Whether it’s a chandelier or an intricately carved mirror brought into your French country bedroom, these gold-plated, polished details make all the difference. Decorative items made of iron add visual drama to the French country decor and baskets. Colorful ceramics make your home feel more personal and playful.

Atmospheric, dark, and colorful paintings add depth, sense of history, and even whimsy in a well-designed French country living room, and scenic prints look great in a French country bedroom, study, and hallway. To emphasize the nation’s love for provincial life, bring topiaries and vases of bulbous, uncut flowers – which French country houses can never do without.

French country decorating ideas on a budget

Since not everyone has a bottomless budget for their high-profile take on French country décor, you’ll be pleased to know that French country houses don’t have to break the bank with these design-loving tips:

Make shabby chic your own

French country decor ideas shabby chic

Do furnishings need to be updated? Use paint and sandpaper to create your own shabby chic finish in no time. We encourage you to test your piece where it can’t be seen at first, but once you understand there is nothing that can’t be made from monotonous to antique.

Also, replace handles and knobs so they look more authentic and make it easy and inexpensive to freshen up what you already own.

Scour Yard Sales + Online Marketplaces

French country decor vintage inspiration

Second-hand outlets are perfect for serious bargains with historical origins and designs. From furniture to lights, home textiles and everything in between, a refreshingly perfect new addition is waiting for you to bring it into your home at a reasonable price.

And since these are French decorating ideas, you don’t have to worry about pristine finds and scores that are in like new condition. The lived and worn look is where the charm lies – which in turn gives you a lot more freedom to be playful and expressive.

Dress up what you have

French country decor bedroom ideas

You might not be able to afford a classic oak table for a French kitchen or country-style dining room, or an ornate four-poster bed for your bedroom. So, consider covering existing furniture with large amounts of off-white linen and poplin fabrics for a charming approach to upgrading and using it with considered style until you can afford what you originally had in mind.

Save on wall coverings

French country decor dining room ideas

Save wallcovering resources by taking advantage of the natural beauty and patina of your walls. Rough, unpainted plastered walls are reminiscent of the relaxed spirit of the French country house style and create a cozy and romantic environment.

By keeping your walls natural and soaking up the warm tones you get with aged plaster, your home will look incredibly authentic and idyllic.

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