Best Sofas Couches Buy

Best Sofas Couches Buy

best 2019 sofas

Well-designed sofas and sofas should offer you comfort, joy and a satisfyingly beautiful design, while at the same time enhancing every room with a new focus that sets the tone for your design direction. But how do you choose the right sofas for your home as this is an investment not worth taking a risk on?

Fresh from Miami Design Week, our interior designers have prepared us for 2019 in terms of modern sofa trends, silhouettes, fabrications and developments in general. To inspire you and find your way around finding the right modern sofa for your home, we have put together a handy guide for you to turn to for the most comfortable couch that is stylish.

From finding the best sofa bed to finding affordable sofas with aesthetic value, here’s a look at the best sofas for 2019 and beyond, starting with the most important information.


best 2019 sofa interior design trends

If you are looking to build in a new comfortable sofa, no matter the room, as with any furniture, scaling is crucial so that your new addition will work flawlessly in the room it is in. Notice how new the couches are, from slim to oversized affects the flow of traffic, works with existing furniture, and how much seating they have – along with their design style.

Whether you are gifted with unlimited space or are looking for dainty quality sofas, size and size are just as important as silhouette and workmanship and should never be overlooked.


best modern sofas 2019

Just because you have upholstered the best sofas for your home doesn’t necessarily mean they’re practical, as the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

And as with investment-grade furniture, the best sofa for your buck should be on practicality, as sofas are parts that you will live with for the long term and should offer a variety of practicality benefits, including easy-to-clean fabrications and lightweight construction for easy movement, neutral cushions to ensure they look great in almost any room, convertible options when possible, and of course, comfort.


stylish modern sofas

As with other investments in your home, such as large appliances and structural elements such as windows and the like, when looking for new styles, think of quality sofas to get the most out of your budget in the long term.

In addition to keeping a comfortable sofa high on your list of priorities, look for brands and inventions to get the most out of your new purchase, as you want sofas that are easy to clean and stain resistant if they aren’t Scottish protected and easy to protect Update with fresh upholstery while maintaining a quality construction to avoid painful loose feathers or lumpy spots.

Style + comfort

best comfortable sofas

We are putting style and comfort together here, because when choosing the best sofa options for your home, one should never take priority over the other. Really, why should they?

Pick the most comfortable couch that has a lot of style, as couches are essential pieces of furniture that you will have to live with for years. So make sure you never give up on style just to be comfortable when you get tired of your sofa in no time.

From affordable couches to sheer luxuries, the value of comfort is a top priority when looking for options worth investing in.

Style: Small in scale

modern small velvet sofas 2019

You might be surprised to learn that plush velvet upholstery is some of the best sofas on the market because of their thick, sturdy, and easy-to-clean finish that also takes years to show signs of daily wear and tear. Also, velvet has been an important textile in interior design lately, especially in the current shades like night watch green and millennial pink.

best small sofas 2019 trends

With a classic silhouette and a graphic symmetrical pattern that is sure to never go out of style, sofas like the one described above are great for small spaces, especially apartments, as this option will work wonderfully in your new space once you outgrow the space are home study or master suite.

And since it’s small, you shouldn’t have a problem finding affordable sofas in a similar style.

best small sofas 2019 interior design trends

Sometimes when looking for the best sofa for your budget it pays to hold onto the tried and tested beauty of mid-century modern silhouettes as these never go out of style, have unique details and silhouettes, and are far from average . And they make for unique additions to a home as many of them have at least one eye-catching personality and design features.

best modern small sofas

The brilliant, modern Togo sofa is a classic by Ligne Roset and remains an eye-catcher that will never lose its value, while it gives any room with conversation-starting wit and endless appeal. And they are unique enough to make any room feel like it is decorated with unique pieces.

best little gray sofas 2019

This gray option is yet another mid-century modern style riff. It’s characterized by clean, genderless, fluid lines that keep it from being anything but generic, making it a desirable option when considering the best sofa options for small spaces. Let the retro charm inspire and enchant guests for years to come.

high quality modern sofa

Taking inspiration from the powdery pastel colors that were so popular in the 50s and 60s, this updated sofa is hyper-retro and thoroughly modern at both times thanks to clever color blocking and a timeless silhouette. Imagine how little visual impact it would make if it were in a solid hue instead of color-blocked. Not to mention how cool its sensual lines are.

best little sofa

This curved sofa with symmetrical curves and a slim silhouette will be a conversation starter thanks to its unforgettable silhouette and soft gray tone. In fact, some of our interior designers quickly noticed that they had almost never seen anything like it. Find a similar shape and keep things consistent by combining them with round tables and objects.

This updated version channels the cream plush sofas that became famous in the 80s and provides a low frame for a welcoming feel and symmetry to make it work in any room and with any design style. Its sharp-edged silhouette gives it a powerful feel, while its low back keeps it relaxed enough.

modern blue velvet sofa

Inspired by the Art Deco brilliance of New York City in the 20s, this timeless style is sure to become more appealing as your tastes change. With a solid, contemporary silhouette and a handsome feel, this soft velvet sofa is versatile enough to be paired with almost any design style and is timeless to boot. We love the low back and arms as well as the graphic metallic outlines.

Style: convertible

smart 2019 convertible sofas

Looking for the most comfortable couch but not sure which styles deliver? To get the most out of the sofas, opt for smart convertible designs like the pretty model above, which also doubles as a spare bed for guests if needed.

best 2019 convertible sofas

When looking for the best sofa bed options, go beyond the norm and look for convertible sofas that can do more than just become a standard bed. We admire how the above option does so much more than most sofa beds while taking up less space and making the transition from sofa to sofa bed seem easy and less hectic.

best convertible sofas 2019

Thanks to the intelligent tufting, the above model ensures that these modern sofa beds remain filled for outstanding comfort and at the same time serve as a day bed for movie nights and guests. If you are looking for the most comfortable couch that has great construction to keep it cozy, consider a go-to feature on your next purchase.

Convertible sofa beds 2019

Still not sure which sofa bed is best for your home? As you can see, there are a variety of updated gray sofas to choose from. However, what makes the above so remarkable is its compactness when open, which makes it a great option for nooks, crannies, and small spaces.

modern convertible sofas

After scrolling down, one thing not to be missed about modern convertible sofa beds is the sleek lines and the short space they take up when they extend. When deciding on the best sofa for your living room, regardless of the size of the room, you should look for sleek and simple shapes that are full of surprising twists that no one would ever expect.

Style: sections

gray modern sectional sofas 2019

Sections are great for shopping for couches that are a bit dramatic, perfect for tight corners, and great for relaxing – especially a den or family room. Slender legs and neutral anthracite keep this uncomplicated, modern sofa timeless and are ideal for hiding everyday life. It is universally suitable for any design style.
best modern mid-century sectional sofas

While it’s almost like this modern sofa was taken straight out of the Bloomingdale’s’ 70s catalog, there is something to be said about its almost humorous, snake-like shape that has made the ultimate statement in any home for years – if not generations, it’s so cool.

best 2019 sectional sofas

This C-shaped cut is another mid-century modern-inspired stunner. He may look straight out of an I Love Lucy set, and while he looks great, his generous attitude to being the most comfortable couch on the market can’t be denied. Find a similar style for great rooms and see how many guests you can easily seat on.

modern sectional sofas

With its cube shape and sleek chrome base, this lovely modern sofa is minimal enough to suit any decor style and its shape can easily be changed to accommodate any size space.

best 2019 sectional sofas trends

Our favorite of the mix, this abstract, amorphous shaped, contemporary sofa is a playful, if not dramatic, addition to any home and will impress guests instantly. Make it work in your home by contrasting it with more traditional and symmetrical furniture that highlights the distinctive silhouette.

Style: Unique statements

unique Missoni Couches trends

Leave it to the Italian knitwear label Missoni, through the strong collaboration with Roche Bobois, which over time has grown in value as the ultimate collector’s item, to create an optical madness on a couch. Due to its reduced height, it is perfect for small rooms such as reading corners, stair landings, foyers and home offices.

Statement Making Couches 2019

The structural wood frame of this angled beauty gives this sofa a sense of strength and adds visual weight to even the simplest of spaces. And it’s a far cry from a simple, otherwise expected sofa.

2019 interior design trends

This sofa with its mesmerizing silhouette and contrasting colors is full of personality and charm, making it a fun addition to any home. Keep it consistent by combining it with rounded objects that are also small and true to scale and matte.

Ligne Roset 2019 sofas

This modern electric blue velvet plush sofa is made to sit back, entertain and relax. And its unforgettable shade of blue is sure to go well with all kinds of colors and other design styles.

2019 interior design lie trends news

One of the most stylized of the range, this crescent-shaped modern sofa offers a serious, elegant visual impact while evoking the Art Deco era. This makes it a perfect option for a thoroughly contemporary living room.

20 sofas later, we bet there’s one constant that you shouldn’t miss out on when scanning the best sofa trends in 2019 for all budgets – sofa styles may come and go, but the best options are classic silhouettes and textiles, and what they look fresh lets are games in scale and of course unexpected hues.

unique modern sofa

Another statement maker, this high-contrast, puzzle-inspired sofa features convertible pieces so you can arrange it however you want at any time. Plus, the nod to the mod’s’ 60s will ensure it never goes out of style while staying super cool and highly functional at the same time. It’s also the perfect option for a modern workplace as it offers just the right amount of fun.

best modern gray sofa

Because who said sofas have to be symmetrical and rigid, straight lines and everything? Since couches are usually the main piece of furniture in any room, thinking outside the box of something that everyone will remember. We love the asymmetrical curves and sensual silhouette of this sofa – talk about a conversation starter! We love this unexpected form of this style so much that we recently selected one with success for a client home.

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