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Inspiring Vacation Home Interior Design Ideas

Inspiring Vacation Home Interior Design Ideas

Andrew Geller Beach House Design Inspiration

Are you planning to spend the summer in a second home or on the weekend? Now that the Hamptons season had just started we turned on Decor Help interior designers develop their best approaches to vacation home interiors to make your home feel comfortable, practical, and brilliantly decorated from away.

See how simple solutions like choosing paint colors, avoiding beach themes, and focusing on practicality can bring your home to life with a cohesive but enviable, laid-back sense of style. From Beach houses for the outdoor area, whether directly by the sea or in the suburbs, Here are fail-safe ideas for adding a similarly thoughtful approach to interior decorating to your own summer home.

Be adventurous

Holiday home interior design ideas

“I approach the decoration of our customers’ holiday homes in order to fulfill this often elusive dream of living in paradise. The first step in this process always starts with inspiration from the surrounding landscape, as bridging the gap between outside and inside is essential. “

“And since this room is not your primary residence, take advantage of the freedom you have in imagining the place being reborn. Be brave, assertive, and remember to make everything your own as this should be an investment that requires care and consideration. “- Interior designer Elle K. from Décor Aid.

Function in focus

Weekend home interior design ideas

“While adding a cozy character with a sense of de-selected comfort is key to any getaway, there is something to be said about the little nuances of interior design that make your approach to your getaway a little different than your main house. At first, the space is often more limited – so every centimeter is usually decisive. “

“With that in mind, I suggest getting main furniture that is easy to move and serves at least 2-3 purposes. Think of stools with additional storage space, extremely durable and easy-to-clean materials. Basically avoid the redundant and make sure that each piece has double reasons to be there. “Decor aid interior designer Zorah D.

Add luxurious extras

Beach house interior design ideas

“Although a key feature in most of my second home projects will always be the use of natural materials, sometimes the best vacation home interior design ideas convey a sense of proven elegance for the unexpected – because nobody expects a hand-blown crystal chandelier on the beach, but why not ? “

“I like to approach my projects with small décor changes because it’s typical and pretty easy to walk into a vacation home that is completely stranded. Add expressive art, luxurious extras to your vacation home, and enhance the space with a consistent sense of dramatic sophistication that reflects your personality. “Décor Aid interior designer Liz D.

Source of durable furniture

Interior decoration ideas

“I’m sure I won’t be the only Décor Aid interior designer to emphasize this, but it has to be said. Obtaining durable outdoor and indoor furniture with high design and quality craftsmanship is vital to the life of the space you are decorating. “

“You and your guests will find no comfort in pieces that are cheaply made and made for only a few seasons. I highly recommend itI invest in patio furniture that can withstand harsh elements all year round as many of my clients often forget that these pieces have to withstand inconsistent weather from season to season even when you are not around. “

“A nice and practical approach is a smart way to narrow down Holiday home interior design ideas designed to last. “Décor Aid interior designer Kate W.

Lean towards crowd pleasing interiors

Perfect summer beach house

“So that you can get the most out of your space, I have some pretty quick and easy-to-remove ideas for holiday home interiors that you can feel comfortable with. Don’t decorate around a theme – it’s boring and trust me you’ll get tired of in less than a season. And please avoid anything that is overtly nautical. “

“With wicker add-ons and the Ilk, however, you can nod to the coastal style, but keep it to a minimum. As easy as it should be, decorate your second home just like your first. Bring in your personality whatever suits your style and create a vibrant mix of personality and character. “Décor Aid interior designer Tom S.

Keep the look checked + complete

Interior design of the Summer Beach House

“Since you can’t relax if your space feels unfinished or haphazardly decorated, remember to keep an eye on everything consistently and comfortably. And since the home should reflect your personality, don’t follow strict rules. ”

“Don’t rule out decorative hues, you can live comfortably with any color if done right. I even saw matte black accent walls in a beach house and it looked amazing and highly original.”

“When I think of smart I often suggest being as original and unique as possible while staying in your comfort zone. “Décor Aid interior designer Colin M.

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