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Lantern Light Design Ideas

Lantern Light Design Ideas

Lanterns have a long history, which goes back to Roman eras. They are portable light sources that have seen much revolution in the light source used for the lantern. Today you can use a lantern to illuminate outdoors, like a torch or even as a signaling device. Here are some tips on how to shop for one.

Know the types of lamps available

There are at least three types of lanterns:

This type of lantern has been around for many years. It has a light housed in a clear glass or glass-free holder. The attached type can generate a lot of heat, while the open type can be extinguished when placed in windy areas.

Most of today's modern lanterns are LED powered. They use LED batteries as a light source.

These work with fuel such as liquid fuel, butane or propane. Each of these has its own ups and downs that should be considered before purchase.

Check the light output

The candle offers the least light compared to the others. It is thus best used for related tasks. Electric lamps have a good light output and the batteries have a much longer life than the light bulbs. They are safe to use anywhere in the home and even in homes with children. Electric lamps have a higher light intensity compared to the rest, but require a lot of ventilation, are noisy, bulky and heavy and generate a large amount of heat.

Get a lantern that best suits your needs

Adding the above considerations is not so difficult to get a lantern that fits your needs. Think of up and down each option before you buy one.