Cat Shelves

Cat Shelves

Cats turn out to be the most popular pets in most homes around the world. Although we live with them, they live differently. Unlike people who live in horizontal life, cats live both horizontally and vertically. Cats make full use of the environment. They use especially the vertical environment for safety, calm and comfort. This is where cat shelves become important.

These shelves are simply wall systems that have become part of cat furniture. They are wall mounted especially for the use of cats and prove to be useful in homes with small rooms. The shelves offer several advantages.


Having a cat and a dog as a pet can be a big challenge, especially if the dog dislikes your cat. It can really be a challenge if it turns out your cat is modest. Mounting shelves on the wall gives your cat an alternative place where it will feel safe from the dog.

Added territory

Mounting shelves on the wall gives your cat an extra territory because it is not limited to horizontal lifestyle. Your cat will use the shelves as "home" where it can retreat when it needs to be alone or when you need to take a nap given that it is a nocturnal creature.


It turns out that fitting cat shelves on your walls is not only beneficial to your cat; It is also useful to you. You can easily decorate your walls by mounting shelves of materials and in colors that decorate your walls and by extension your room.

It is very important to think about which wall or wall should be mounted on the shelves. It is strongly recommended that you mount the shelves on your living room or living room near windows to give your cat a good opportunity to try outdoor activities.