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Home Decor Trends

Home decor trends

Home decor trends inspired by fashion

You may take it for granted, but fashion trends shouldn’t just improve the way you present yourself when they can also inspire the way you dress and re-dress your surroundings. Although people are often quick to dismiss fashion as short-lived and frivolous, there is something to be said about the calm synchronicity that the fashion and interior design industries share in creating a fully realized lifestyle. And while what gets into a room should create an atmosphere rather than an impression, looking at the runways for home decor trends is a great source of innovative, easier to replicate ideas.

Finding inspiration on Pinterest brought us back to Mary Katrantzou’s groundbreaking 2011 Spring Show (above), where she masterfully played with digital prints of iconic rooms from old editions of Architectural Digest and World of interiors and was mischievously quoted as saying that she “wanted to impose space on the woman rather than the woman in the room”. That got us thinking: It’s about creating the world around you. Not just what you are wearing or the sofa you bought, it is about the entire lifestyle that you choose to your advantage. It is how and where you live with it

Check out the elaborate, Hollywood-worthy runway sets luxury homes produce every season, as the attitude and message of the interiors in the pictures you see is just as important as what the models are wearing. In fact, labels from Gucci to Ralph Lauren have been taking home d ‘home since the late 1960sécor trends as they channel their aesthetics into beautifully designed everyday objects to provide a complete way of life for their customers.

To get you to fill your surroundings with home decor trends that reflect the way you dress, we’ve taken a quick look at the current runway trends to connect you with new ideas that will bring you into your home can, as a mirror of the fashion world as well as the inner world, others more often than you think.

Menswear moments

Home decor trends

Please check! From English tweeds and checks to sturdy banker pinstripes, menswear fabrics have a gender-neutral, graphic quality that gives even the simplest everyday items an upscale feel. At Calvin Klein, classic men’s fashion fabrications were given new life with large-format optical houndstooth prints that had all the prerequisites for a new decor trend that could be tried out at home.

For your home: The contrasting Ottoman cubes above are a prime example of a modern approach to updated tropics for menswear, worthy of dad to standout textiles that are sure to add a slight disrespect to your space – without a single pop of color for thought.

Image via Elle Decor

Color blocking

Home decor trends

As designers continue to search the ’90s for inspiration, the clever hand of the era at simply blocking colors remains timeless, enabling brilliant games of opposite colors to achieve a new way of pairing hues. Color blocking is a trademark of today’s Celine and Jil Sander and remains popular in the art and design world for good reason.

For your home: Essentially, color blocking lets you marry two or more hues that may not initially work together to create interesting color combinations. Think of Mondrian’s graphic canvases as a starting point. Graphic, color-blocked grids with primary colors continue to evoke a contemporary spirit that is easy to control for living spaces and offers a bold, joyful and modern sensibility. It could be as simple as adding a new shower curtain or decorating your dining table with bedding that has a combination of chartreuse and terracotta – the sky is the limit with this minimal home decor trend.

Image via Ralph Lauren

Mixed bouquet

Home decor trends

From atmospheric to New Romantic blossoms, flowers for spring have been upgraded with abstraction, filmic overlays and a portion of avant-garde fabric manipulations with ruffles, oversized frills and expressive surfaces. At Giambattista Valli, Louis Vuitton and Valentino, flowers that unsurprisingly resonated with home decor standbys have been given a modern twist that is worth noting for your home.

For your home: This season’s collections, which have crossed the line between old-world frilly flowers and a cutting-edge science fiction sensibility, should be your starting point for bringing floral cues into your home without it looking like Laura Ashley has one Flower bomb detonated in the building. Embrace the joyful, spirited aura flowers given to a room in small doses for a fresh approach with muted colors and unique silhouettes that are anything but chintzy.

Image via Etro

Versatile layering

Home decor trends

If the 90s taught us anything about our clothes there are no rules – something to consider when looking to turn something upside down at home. Today everything revolves around the hybridization of standards in order to create something completely new and visually striking. For an easy update, think about how your favorite style icons look. They don’t just dress like that (who lives like that anyway?). They contain elements that may not immediately make sense together, but have to do with a well-informed eye. It’s all about high & low, romantic riffs combined with modern sensitivity and casual & formal notes.

For your home: Take advantage of the freedom that a well-judged mix of different elements gives you and think of unexpected ways in which you can add a free-spirited shot of energy room by room while sticking to the rings that apply to you. When you seamlessly put together what would previously have felt inappropriate, you will be proud to combine what you once found challenging with what you already have. Combine, for example, a pampering tablecloth made of gold-plated brocade that lies on an otherwise masculine console. The trick is to relax the mood by not sticking to a prescribed, restrictive aesthetic.

Image via Paul Costello, with Vivienne Westwood wallpaper

Texture games

Home decor trends

Since the fashion world is often the first to embrace the latest fabric innovations on a mass scale, paying attention to new developments in the industry and how they are used is an idea that is easy to recreate at home. A short stroll down a stylish block should evoke the current fashion for clothing that is full of structural interests. chubby teddy coats, fuzzy knitwear, 3-D moldings and lush velvet.

For your home: Fortunately, texture is an easier and more subtle way of adding a sense of play to a room while being comfortable to the touch, and offers a viable alternative to prints and patterns that you might get tired of. Since texture is often found in small decorative tins, you can use it in myriad affordable ways, from throws to a tonally padded matelassé quilt with graphic stitching for added interest or something as luxurious as a finely knitted mohair pillow or cozy one Yetti wall hanging. And when you’re stocked with throws and pillows, go a different route with amorphous planters and planters like the ones mentioned above.

Image Fos for Cèline via W magazine

Sportif elements

Home decor trends

As fashion reflects the way we live, the sport continues to dominate the market, and the casual, sporty way many of us dress day in and day out, there’s something to be said about the romance of the sporty-inspired vintage colors, graphics and symbolism that are slowly emerging resurfacing style.

For your home: No matter where your chosen decor aesthetic takes you, there is practically no style that doesn’t benefit from sporty stripes and a free-spirited vibe brought about by elements derived from elevated exercise equipment. Look for extras like mariniere-inspired striped carpets for summer with matching colors or rider-inspired accents with coats of arms, insignia and the kind of authoritative symbolism that conjures a victory for the team without saying a word in casual fabrications like jersey, silk Mesh and cotton.

Image via 1st Dibs

Neon brights + metallics

Home decor trends

With technological innovations continually improving the ways of manufacturing and the way they capture light, bold neon shots and fully reflective, metallic looks continue to dominate the runways as they evoke a sense of power and stimulate modernity.

For your home: From a few neon-colored design objects to sleek, silver metallics, it’s all about giving little clues to the mix of a room. Think pillows adorned with 3D embellishments, flowing lamé blankets, and sculptural, high-gloss silver and gold add-ons. To achieve assertive neon hues, consider using small doses in inflammatory tones, from bud vases to covetable design books that are considerate topics of conversation throughout your home. That way, you don’t have to make it big with bold hues, and they can be easily turned off when the moment fades.

Image via MM6