Furniture Trends

Furniture Trends

2019 interior design trends

Since even a beginner in interior design knows that furniture is what it takes to bring a space to life, we research new furniture trends that our decorators noticed at the best design fairs of the past season. From a return to maximalism to a number of memorable wallpaper areas, keep the following in mind to give your home the right look.

Heritage Brands

traditional furniture brands

Let’s call it a rejection of furniture trends by big box retailers as many of the leading furniture makers in the industry have brought back pieces even more intriguing and remarkable than ever before.

And it makes sense as many of our customers are asking more and more for the pedigree of the brands we bring into their spaces, as brilliant, well-made furniture is an investment that you will enjoy for a lifetime while maintaining its value.

Warm layers

Tips for antique interior design

One of the most surprising furniture trends our designers noticed was layering rooms back instead of keeping them sparse.

This is a great way to mix up different design styles and eras rather than sticking to one limited, uniformed direction.

Back to the traditional

Decoration ideas in traditional style

By refinement and accessibility, traditional pieces evoking the familiar, albeit with major updates, were one of the most vibrant furniture trends to watch out for.

Bring the old world into your home via antique markets and online retailers like 1st Dibs to create a decadently layered feel of space that is all the more welcoming and warmer.


Maximalism interior design

With better accessibility, maximum pieces and spaces defined one of the biggest furniture trends of the year. And given the warm minimalism and heavily layered spaces in recent years, this is no surprise.

However, if you’re concerned about getting its full power, consider adding at least one piece that’s bold and full of character to pop even the sparse of spaces.


modern wallpaper

From the vibrant selection of wallcoverings by fashion designer Chris Benz for Wallshoppe, to a range of maxi-wall coverings that can be seen at any design show, you should at least add an accent wall that is accented with a zesty pattern for extra play.

That way you don’t have to invest too much or live with the fear of getting tired of your choice easily.

art deco

Art Deco interior design

Expect the influence of Art Deco silhouettes to grow all the more now that curved, symmetrically patterned, and gold-plated trinkets have hit the jackpot at every design show.

And as we’ve said before, before the end of Spartan minimalism, newer and designed pieces were clearly on the agenda when designers thought about furniture trends.

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