Thursday , 14 September 2023
Country Living Room Furniture

Country Living Room Furniture

Now that the summers are here and the kids are back from college, it's a good time to pamper the family. Renovating your house and finding furniture in the living room is a great way to start. But for the right inspiration you need to hire an interior designer. This is not a very feasible option, especially if you happen to work on a budget. In this case, you need to follow these appreciated interior designers' blogs with enough advice and tips to make you a designer from the start.

Town of farmhouse

A wonderful place to start if you are looking for inspiration for living room furniture, Farm of Farm goes by Jen. She shared her ideas from her family's beach-discovered cottage. From DIY to budget friendly ideas, you have to find something useful on her blog.

The Jungalow

A family-run blog, Justin's lifestyle and her husband, daughter and cat are captured on this tearful blog. The distinctive style and colors highlight the light of her multicultural childhood, making it an excellent place to start before choosing country furniture.

The Lettered Cottage

The letter cabin is based on cabin and country theme interior options. The wonderful photography and ideas presented by creator Layla will give you full of ideas and love to design your own living room in no time.

Many other blogs by famous decorators are also available such as My Sweet Savannah, Thistlewood Farms and The Love of A House.