Dining Room Lighting Trends

Dining Room Lighting Trends

modern dining room lighting

Since a dining room is a key area of ​​your home, especially for entertainment, it should go without saying that well-designed, proper lighting of the dining room is an essential part of any home, whether it’s just a simple light fixture or multiple layers of elegant lighting acts. And while this is a multipurpose space used for daily dining and formal dinners, study your dining room lighting standards to ensure that you are installing the correct dining room lights that will serve you best.

As an inspiration to illuminate your dining room with elegance and lightness, we took notes from our renovation experts and interior designers at Décor Aid  on timeless approaches to lighting dining rooms.

Exposed cables

stylish lighting trends 2019

With home styling becoming more relaxed and the elements a little less rigid, exposed details are one of the most surprising lighting trends for 2019 – one you’ve probably never seen.

No, we’re not crazy, yes, you’ve been to all the top interior design industry trade shows: exposed cables and wires. Yes, you read that right. When done well, exposed cables can add a chic, unfinished oomph to a room that is perfect for a simple, unpredictable feel. Plus, you can save money by not having to call a professional to properly install new lighting. But maybe the best part is that you can just turn off the lighting units yourself when needed and take them with you when needed.

Matt surfaces

big matte lighting trends 2019

Another, less traditional variant, which our interior designers described as an increasingly popular design trend, were matt lights that had a stately silhouette, but were anything but valuable to achieve a thoroughly modern look.

When it comes to casual dining room lighting ideas, go against the grain and opt for unexpected matte finishes for a truly unique look that no one else is going to have – until now.

Bohemian feeling

bohemian lighting trends 2019

As an enduring design style, it was only a matter of time before eclectic and bohemian-inspired styling became a feature of the best lighting trends of 2019, and for good reason.

Since lighting can accentuate a room, you wouldn’t expect to see a large crystal chandelier in an otherwise cozy, eclectic dining room, would you? Complete an eclectic look with a globalized feel by introducing exotic lighting fixtures that evoke a sense of old world glamor. Think intricate Moroccan-inspired pendant lights with cutouts or even playful patterned paper balls for an even more relaxed feel.

Large format

elegant lighting trends 2019

Because playing with the scales can be great fun and is a clever way to add as much visual interest as possible in any room when it comes to dining room lighting ideas, you can use unexpected standards to elevate it.

From a trio of matching miniature lights to a massive, mesmerizing, oversized light: go bold and opt for the unexpected to embark on a truly remarkable, expressive direction. The key to getting games to work on the scales without getting clumsy is in lighting fixtures with minimal ghost, like the simple black ones shown above.

Handmade pottery

bohemian lighting trends 2019

As one of the warmest and most charming lighting trends of recent times, our designers saw a return to ceramic, almost handcrafted, lighting fixtures that effortlessly add personality to even the smallest dining areas.

The key here is to go for simple geometric designs and classic colors to ensure your ceramic lights stay stylish for 2019 and beyond. Plus, they add a delicious gaming feel and a touch of exoticism to a formal dining room without costing a small fortune.

Mix & Match

best lighting trends 2019

Since a dining room usually has no-nonsense decor with a sense of symmetry and balance, keeping guests away from the monotony of the space by combining the dining room lighting ideas with different but similar pieces.

Like the room pictured above, each luminaire has its own silhouette and scale, but since they have the same color and surface, everything looks harmonious and anything but random. And they will also serve as the centerpiece as it is all about what this dining room really needs.


rustic dining room lighting trends 2019

With the farmhouse on trend, it is not surprising that the rustic lighting trends of 2019 were among the most profitable when it came to seeing great speed in terms of design. From untreated metal to reclaimed elements, rustic lighting ideas feel fresh and are a surefire way to bring your living room into the present.

However, we recommend not going too extreme with the subject as you can quickly feel bored and uninspired if the device comes across as too literal and even bellicose. However, use rustic-inspired lighting as a daring juxtaposition when pairing it with more contemporary furniture.


minimal dining room lighting trends 2019

Given the fresh return of minimalism and the penchant for lingering thanks to its streamlined style and timeless appeal, it’s no surprise that the design style inspired stylish lighting trends for almost every room in every home.

From subtle design ideas for dining room lighting to minimalist beauty parties, there is something for everyone. However, we recommend using larger lights to make a bigger statement instead of making the quiet gestures too small – a room feels incomplete and too sterile to boot up.

Statement making

Dining room lighting trends 2019

Since a dining room should always make a great, well-put together statement with lighting trends, you should include memorable conversation starters to truly make a unique statement.

If you use a unique, meaningful design for lighting dining rooms, you will quickly notice the mood-enhancing effect it creates throughout the room, while having a distinctive appeal.


classic lighting trends 2019

Heavenly inspired styles that have been a go-to place for our interior designers over the past few years remain one of 2019’s most popular lighting trends thanks to their graphic print and inspiring, impressive sense of beauty.

From oversized to small, there are many pampering options to consider when creating a uniquely elegant, well-designed dining room that will remain unique to you.


modern dining room lighting trends 2019

Sculptural, asymmetrical, armed lights are one of the most vibrant ideas for dining room lighting and make an important statement in any dining room while adding a sense of stylish play to the unexpected.

The key here is to add a sculptural dining room light in a room that is characterized by symmetry and stability, since in a more maximal, unusual dining room the overall look will be random and visually noisy.

Ring light

Dining room lighting trends 2019

Ring lights are one of the more contemporary lighting trends in recent times and are a great way to create elegant drama and even lighting throughout the dining room.

Thanks to their symmetry, ring lights go well with almost any design style and especially with timeless design elements that ensure that they always stay stylish.


Chandelier dining room light fixture

The elegant and old-world use of chandeliers as lighting elements for the dining room offers timeless beauty in a classic crystal lamp. They can serve as the center of a dining area and make it easier for you to decorate with additional dining room lights and decorative objects. Our interior designers recommend using chandeliers that complement the overall decorating style of a home for a seamless visual feast.

For example, a decidedly modern, futuristic crystal chandelier is ideal for a modern designed dining area as it is an excellent option for those who want to invest and impress in sourcing modern dining room lighting.

Pendant lights

hanging dining room lighting

Pendant lights are similar to a chandelier in the sense that they can act as a focal point for the dining room and add depth and character. As opposed to a chandelier with intricate lights and fine details, pendant lights are popular options for lighting dining rooms because they have a more relaxed mind and are generally less valuable and sturdy.

And since pendant lights are one of the most popular trends in dining room lighting, you can find them in a variety of designs, scales, and prices. If you’re on a budget but want to add some extra visual impact, these hanging dining room lighting ideas are a great place to start.

Drum lights

modern dining room lighting

When it comes to pendant lights, consider oversized drum lights for simple drama. These are pendant lights that are often round or drum-shaped. If you want to impress guests while hosting formal dinners, pendant lights are bold ideas for lighting dining rooms.

If you are using drum lights for the dining room, position it in the center of the room so that it can cast diffused light across the room. You can also complement the drum lighting with a pair of lamps mounted on a center console to provide additional ambient lighting when needed.

Wall lights

Wall lights dining room lighting trends

Wall lights for the design of dining room lighting are another inexpensive option for lighting your dining area. Wall lights are single dining room lights that are installed on one side or on both sides of the wall. Our designers also recommend using wall lights if you want to complement a chandelier or pendant lamp, as these illuminate an important lamp from below.

Plus wall lights can also be used to add light accents to enhance the overall feel of your dining room while also setting an elegant tone. And there is an endless variety of unique and differently designed wall lights to suit your budget.

Track lighting

Dining room lighting modern track lights

When it comes to modern dining room lighting ideas, track lights can be a great, affordable choice that is also easy to install. Track lights are a series of lights on tracks that can be easily moved around based on your preferences to focus on any point in your dining area. And track lights can provide a good amount of light in any room.

When deciding on track light dining room lighting ideas, there really is no need to install any other dining room lights. And they can be unique as one of our favorite dining room lighting trends in 2018 was track lighting, which was made with a matte gold finish instead of standard black or white.

Recessed lights

Recessed dining room lighting

Recessed lights are dining room lights that are installed in or near the ceiling and are a great choice for accenting a dining table, surrounding furniture and decorative elements such as art and dishes. Recessed lights are also great choices for modern dining room lighting ideas as they never go out of style and give a room a clean, minimalist look – and eliminate shadows.

Remember, our interior designers recommend keeping the correct spacing between recessed lights to keep the appearance simple and the lighting well-spaced. They also recommend dimmer switches, as the comfort zones vary regularly when it comes to the level of lighting required at that time.

Edison style light bulbs

Vintage inspired dining room lighting

Vintage-inspired Edison-style lightbulbs are perfect for rustic lighting in dining rooms and for a radiant ambience. These are ideal for homeowners looking for retro-inspired elements when sourcing dining room lighting. Their rounded cone style creates a comfortable ambience in any dining area while they act as potential conversation starters. You can also opt for Edison lamps with energy-saving LED lamps.

They use less electricity and are guaranteed to last longer than normal light bulbs. However, if you want a more authentic retro-inspired experience for your rustic dining room lighting, go with Edison incandescent lamps. They are inexpensive and easy to obtain.

Lights on ceiling fans

Ceiling fan dining room lighting

Investing in a ceiling fan with lighting is a great idea for casual lighting approaches in the dining room. Practical and ideal for smaller rustic dining room lighting approaches, as you are sure to find plenty of stylish ceiling fans with cleverly designed lights.

To create an intimate atmosphere with softer lighting while dining, our interior designers recommend a selection of lighting fixtures that can be quickly dimmed to create a mood. However, if you want to improve the mood, install additional wall lights or alternative dining room lights to complement your ceiling fan.

Industrial lights

industrial dining room lighting

Industrial lights are a great choice when it comes to rustic lighting ideas for dining rooms. Industrial lighting is often characterized by natural, worn, neutral surfaces and designs that emphasize the use of metal. Instead of the usual warehouse-like lights that are common in industrial interiors, go for industrial dining room lighting that features various hues of smoother metals like brass and matte.

Our interior designers also suggest choosing retro-inspired dining room lights with finer, gender-neutral details that are ideal for rustic dining room lighting. We love the avant-garde and organic feeling of the lamp shown here with personality.

Modern lights

inspiring dining room lighting

One of the most effective tips for designing dining room lighting to create a modern look is to choose lights with clean lines and simple silhouettes. Modern décor requires clear shapes, and of course this also applies to lighting. Therefore, if you are looking for modern dining room lighting, our interior designers recommend choosing minimal, straightforward lighting designs that complement the modern interior.

And with minimalism becoming more popular than ever in 2018, you’re sure to find great flat dining room lights at a variety of budget-conscious prices, featuring simple geometric designs and neutral, soft tones.

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