Wednesday , 21 February 2024
Design Vacation Home

Design Vacation Home

Cottage layout

Your vacation home should be as well designed and meticulously designed as your primary residence. However, having a well-designed vacation home shouldn’t mean lengthy maintenance. Our skilled designers have these tips for creating a stunning, low-maintenance vacation home.

Uncomplicated green

Cottage branches

We love the look of indoor plants. But unless you travel to your vacation home weekly, or if your ideal vacation involves gardening, indoor plants have no placece in your vacation home. Instead, choose a low maintenance option such as B. branches. To do justice to the rustic, masculine vibe of this Sag Harbor getaway, we flanked the sofa with two branches.

Keep it simple

Cottage simple colors

When designing your holiday home, choose a simple color scheme and stick to it throughout the room. We went for a black and white design for this beach house in Montauk. It’s a high-contrast option with minimal maintenance. Check out how we look with black cabinets, white countertops, and a plaid tile floor pattern.

Easy on the eyes

Cottage soothing colors

You are on holiday. You don’t need an eyesore to deal with it. When sourcing furniture for your vacation home, choose relaxing colors and simple, abstract wall art. In this Manhattan Pied-à-Terre, we painted the walls light gray and placed a flowing, abstract work of art above the sofa. The combination creates a calming and relaxing oasis in the hectic atmosphere of the city.

More relaxing; Cook less

Cottage layout

Your holiday home should offer plenty of space to relax and unwind. So skip a full-fledged dining room and give the living spaces additional space. In this luxury apartment in Miami, we placed a small breakfast nook next to the living room to give our customers enough space to relax.

Work / play

Vacation work play

If you’re forced to get a little work done while on vacation, or if your ideal vacation is to catch up on work, consider having a home office area in your vacation home. But think carefully about the placement. If a vacation rental office is a necessity, separate it from the rest of your space. In this Hamptons home, we put a reclaimed wood partition between the office and living area to help maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Location, location, location

Holiday home location

If your vacation home happens to be in a prime property, consider how to incorporate your locale into your design. This luxury Miami apartment is located on the 30th floor of a skyscraper and offers picturesque harbor views. So we sourced turquoise high gloss carpets for the master bedroom and living room to refer to the waterfront locale.

Travel in comfort

Cottage comfortable bed

Your vacation should be relaxing. And it’s hard to relax without a comfortable place to sleep. So if there’s one place to indulge yourself in your vacation home, make sure it’s the bed. Even if you save on everything else, you will at least catch a few tongues while on vacation. On this getaway to Sag Harbor, we got ourselves a comfortable bed and covered it with a collection of neutral cotton sheets.