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Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture

Investment in custom furniture

With the current growing interest in the world of interior design, our interior designers are often more than ever asking about the merits of investing in high quality, bespoke furniture.

By now you know that a high-end sofa can look and feel very similar to a low-end sofa, with many differences that separate it from the boat. What makes custom furniture all the more viable? And where do you start when investing in custom-made collector’s furniture? And then there is the cost. How much does it cost to get custom furniture and how can you justify the initial sticker shock?

With this in mind, we have set ourselves the goal of uncovering some of the factors that make custom-made furniture appear all the more luxurious and worthwhile in terms of time and investment.

You get what you pay for

custom furniture living room

When it comes to custom-made furniture, this cliché is true, especially when it comes to quality furniture. After all, we know how easy it can be to be tempted to source cheaper furniture in order to spend less money. While this applies to the initial thrill of paying the least amount possible, cheaper furniture can cost you more over time, while also requiring more maintenance.

But at this point, none of this should come as a surprise. Cheaper furniture always has a limited lifespan, as constructions and materials of lower quality lead to faster wear and tear over a shorter period of time. And if you’ve had the chance to step onto a New York City sidewalk littered with brand new furniture, irreparable and waiting to get to the junkyard, you’ve probably noticed that new pieces don’t take long to fall Apart from that, it needs to be repaired or replaced with another cheap, poorly manufactured item. Over time, this will quickly cost more than a high-quality piece of furniture, which, unlike quick furniture, will last a lifetime.

You can see + feel quality

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Because sometimes you have to be realistic: cheap furniture generally looks cheap at first glance.

While furnishing your first apartment or a child’s room deserves the acceptable compromise of decorating with inexpensive furniture, thinking about moving into adulthood is not a wise direction. Additionally, better quality furniture offers a much more inspiring look and goes better with the rest of your decor. What’s more, since whatever you bring into your home should benefit you and your family before anyone else, you should source high-quality, custom-made furniture that you will enjoy every day while you proud of long after you leave home Are your home.

Better quality means better comfort

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Aside from requiring more maintenance and replacement, you are sure to find that cheap furniture gives you much less comfort and satisfaction than high quality or custom furniture.

Inexpensive, poorly made furniture will never be as comfortable as high quality furniture, even more so after long periods of use. The print furniture they get from everyday use features tell-tale signs with cheaper parts, from upholstery to construction. Worn upholstery, wobbly tables, and thinning materials never provide adequate and effective support – and they never look fresh either.

It can affect your health

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It goes without saying that furniture that is uncomfortable will negatively affect your body over time. And while it may be a nuisance at first, over time it can take a more serious physical toll.

Upholstered furniture that you use every day, even for a short time, such as An office chair or sofa, for example, can have an impact on your back health, posture, and general wellbeing. Even worse is the idea of ​​sitting for years on upholstered furniture that does not provide adequate and even support, as this can cause permanent discomfort to the back, neck, and hips and cause minor to severe damage to your circulatory and nervous systems. And with such problems comes costly and time-consuming medical treatments that can end up costing much more than any custom furniture.

You invest in your daily life

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Even in this day and age, our designers still find customers who think custom-made furniture is overdone, just like people do with fine art or fashion. However, if you are a consumer who wouldn’t think twice about spending a large sum of money on various hobbies and passions, especially one that will be out of date in a short period of time, you should tailor your approach to the way in which You invest.

High quality custom made furniture will give you pride and a better everyday life in the long run. Not only do they give your home a joyful look, they also make maintenance easier, as well as the best physical support and soothing comfort. By making wise investments in quality furniture from time to time, you are slowly creating a collection of enviable pieces while also making a wise investment in the quality of your daily life. That’s because it’s almost impossible to put together a collection of custom furniture at once, like no room can be decorated overnight.

Personalized styling

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Have you ever had the unfortunate ordeal of ordering ready-made furniture that did not quite meet your aesthetic needs? That’s because furniture is made in bulk by large retailers to fit into standard spaces, while usually appealing to the masses – i.e. common.

If you have a particular style, direction, or piece in mind, custom furniture can always help you create something unique that no one else will.

More for your money

Why invest in custom-made furniture?

Our decorators were quick to point out that even a novice in the design world can quickly tell the difference between cheap and luxurious furniture, and still be shocked when they see the price differences between handcrafted custom furniture versus mass-produced furniture. much cheaper and readily available furniture.

However, there is no doubt about the difference between the two. The materials that custom furniture uses for so long are often of significantly better quality and, along with them, you have endless choices to consider. Custom made furniture will always stand the test of time and be ready to battle the different elements of your lifestyle, whether you have children or pets.

Make it unique

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While it can seem overwhelming at first, the endless design options that can be considered are another obvious benefit of sourcing custom furniture. From frames to fillings and upholstery to every detail, the options are enormous and you can make every single choice.

Heritage traditions

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Just like a beautifully crafted heirloom dress, handcrafted furniture should be viewed as a privilege. Distinctive craftsmanship is sadly a profession that quickly becomes a lost art thanks to the culture of quick consumption and throwaway, which makes high-quality, custom-made furniture all the more important as it is, however, elusive. When creating custom furniture, make sure that you make sure that it has a story that can be shared across generations.

Most of the time, you will find that the artisans who make your custom furniture come not only from a place of know-how, but also from a place of passion and commitment to form and quality. From hand-carved wooden tables exclusively made to the dimensions you want to hand-knotted spring coils, consider each object a unique work of art. This makes custom pieces feel all the more unique as they bring their own story with them.

Reduce your environmental impact

sustainable furniture made to measure

As more of our customers become aware of the state of the environment and its impact, we are asking more and more requests from them to design their homes to reflect an environmentally friendly way of life while reducing their footprint. There are many furniture companies out there who ensure that every aspect of construction is meticulous attention to detail, including gestures as small as the type of wood, adhesives and finishes they use, many with the slightly laid back standards Outperform North America.

While custom furniture is more expensive, as you can see, when you can expand your budget, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. With that in mind, before buying your next piece, consider the idea of ​​bringing in bespoke furniture designed exclusively for you as you will be sure in a short amount of time that it will be a worthwhile investment.

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