Winter Home Essentials

Winter Home Essentials

stylish winter home essentials

With surprising weather highs and lows continuing to hit much of the country, let’s take a look at the essentials for the winter home so you can get through the rest of the cold season in calming style.

From cozy ceilings to an update on seasonal lighting, D├ęcor Aid interior designers are a must-have for your home this season.


Winter House Essentials candles

Since you’ve likely received dozens of room fragrances waiting to be burned while on vacation, create compelling fragrance stories throughout your home to add to the cheerful mood of the season.

Soothing ambient lighting

Winter essentials lighting

When preparing your home for winter, create a more intimate and warm feeling by swapping out the light bulbs for lower ones for a more calming glow in the evening.

A wealth of books

Winterheim Essentials Books

Acquire as many inspirational readings as you can throughout the season so you can relax and dream about in your favorite reading corner.

Cozy textiles

Blankets for the winter house

Surround yourself with a range of stylish blankets and quilts to wrap yourself up more comfortably and opt for thin but tightly woven finds that are easier to store when it gets warmer.

Mixed textures + materials

Winter home essentials mixed textures

While it’s a proven decorating principle for year-round use, when it gets cooler outside, create visual interest by bringing in a smoother selection of blankets, throws, and textures to instantly boost the warmth.

A plush bath mat

Winterhaus Essentials bath mat

Since it can be some kind of calming retreat and nothing is as amazing as walking on a cold floor in the morning, update your floor mat for something more plush and comforting underfoot. The satisfaction of stepping from a warm shower onto a lavish bath mat in the cool winter months offers daily benefits.

Winter house shoes

When it gets colder, update your slippers to keep your feet warmer without sacrificing everyday style with cushioned options with thicker lining. Plus, you can find well-made options for under $ 20 at numerous online retailers.

Fireplace tool kit

Winter Home Essentials Fireplace Tool Kit

George Nelson for Herman Miller’s Fireplace Tool Set remains an forever chic addition to your home season after season, so you can keep warm with a thoughtful, upscale, mid-century modern-inspired design. Who doesn’t like to gather around a toasty and soothing fire?

Fondue pot

Winterhaus Essentials Fondue Pot

Because if it’s too cold to go outside, host a game night and gather around a fondue pot to tell stories and meet.

A stylish humidifier

Humidifier for the winter house

Since winter heat can damage your hair, skin, and sinuses, consider using a smart and stylishly designed humidifier to counteract the harsh elements of the season indoors.

Boot tray

Winter Home Essentials Boot Tray

Perfect for an extra-large dirty room and small apartments. An elegant shoe rack is practical for the heavy rainfalls and the snow of the season and can be obtained inexpensively. Even better, lining yours with stones to absorb moisture so your shoes stay dry.


Winterhaus Essentials antique sleigh

If you have room for a and a steep yard, a vintage sleigh will make outdoor time all the more enjoyable for years to come. Since they often have unique silhouettes, they can also be used as decorative add-ons – as long as they don’t look too themed or prop-worthy.

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