Accent Pillows

Accent pillow neutral colors

No matter how comfortable your sofa is, it can always benefit from some accent pillows. But adventurous decisions can often turn into design faux pas. If you’re looking for advice on choosing the perfect accent pillow, our expert designers have these tips.

Big and small

Accent pillow big small

When sourcing pillows, it’s important to consider all facets of variety and contrast. In this penthouse overlooking Central Park, we placed two Velvet Cushions from Room & Board in the formal area: a large rectangular orange pillow and a smaller rectangular blue option.

Color coordination

Accent pillows that coordinate colors

Looking for color inspiration? Take cues from the parts that are already in your room. In this contemporary Westchester home, we put primary color wall paints throughout the home. And so we procured accent pillows accordingly. Check out how the yellow wall art references the yellow accent pillows.

Try unexpected combinations

Accent pillows unexpected combinations

When you don’t have the budget to redesign an entire room, pillows are a great way to showcase your personal design sensibility. Try unexpected combinations and see what sticks.

Pro tip: if you find pillows for sale, make sure you can return them. While it can be easy to imagine what a pillow will look like in your room, bringing the pillow home is a whole different ball game.

Coordinate with textiles

Accent pillows coordinate textiles

In addition to works of art, the other textiles in your room are a wonderful inspiration for accent pillows. In this Upper East Side apartment, we matched those shiny two-tone curtains with an off-white sofa and periwinkle pillows.

High sheen

High gloss accent pillows

In addition to color and pattern, gloss is the most important design element in accent pillows. If you prefer a luxurious look in your living room, consider accent pillows with a shiny, shiny fabric. Check out how we looked in this luxurious transitional apartment.


Accent pillow neutral colors

If you want to create a calm, calming atmosphere, consider a range of neutral, pastel colored pillows. Take a look at how we got into this TriBeCa investment property.


Accent pillow pattern

There should be at least one pillow with a light pattern on your couch. One way to add patterns is to add pillows with a black and white print, like we did in this chic loft that overlooks Union Square.


Accent pillow contrast

Accent pillows are a great way to add contrast to your living area. For a cotton fabric, consider a high-gloss pillow and vice versa. A knitted, cream colored pillow was the perfect accent for this Chartreuse chair from ABC Home.

Outdoor accent pillows

Outdoor accent pillows

Summer is here, which means it is the perfect time of year to entertain outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, consider purchasing a set of outdoor cushions to complement your patio furniture. Check out what we looked like in this rustic, chic Hoboken apartment.